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Rishikesh pillai

Rishikesh pillai

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An ideal 1 day getaway

Located in Kamshet, this place called the L'attitude. Its basically a homestay in an awesomely huge & beautiful property. Situated close to a lake, its surrounded by farm lands and has a lotus pond within its premises ..

Sondela Bungalow

Sondela Bungalow5.0/5

1 review

Sondela - In the middle of nowhere

Our group visited Sondela in Kamshet, we had never visit Kamshet before this trip, but I must say this trip will remain in our memory lanes for a long long time. Sondela provides a mesmerizing view to the love lake and mountains in Kamshet, the Bungalow is not surrounded with any other properties and makes you feel in the middle of nowhere & taking you away from the hustle of City life, being on the top of a small hill gives you that very amazing view. The caretakers of Sondela took us trekking into the hills, showed us a small waterfall to play around, it felt like a personalized waterfall created just for us :) took us to the lake and dam, A must visit place.

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  • Sondela - In the middle of nowhere
  • Sondela - In the middle of nowhere
  • Sondela - In the middle of nowhere
  • Sondela - In the middle of nowhere

I am heading to Kamshet

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Kamshet Overview

Kamshet is a sleepy village in the state of Maharashtra. Situated in the Western Ghats, Kamshet is a major paragliding destination in India. Known as the 'para-glider's paradise', Kamshet lies close to the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavla, on the Mumbai-Pune Highway, at an altitude of about 2200 feet above sea level.
Kamshet was a prominent trade-route of the ancient times, which once linked the west coast with the main land. The cultural heritage of the region is evident from the ancient Buddhist cave temples and hill fortresses found in the region, which can be dated back to the medieval period. The sculptures and images of Buddha and other intricate carvings in these ancient temples denote the artistic and architectural excellence of the region.

Though Kamshet holds an important place in the tourism map of Maharashtra, the place is known for its rustic nature. The region of Kamshet comprises of several small villages with traditional styled houses that are built using thatches, mud and reeds.

The proximity of Kamshet to the popular hill stations of Khandala and Lonavla also attract lots of tourists. Apart from paragliding, Kamshet is a favorite spot for joy rides, tandem flights and cross country flights. Some of the major paragliding sites in Kamshet are Pavana Lake, Shinde Wadi Hills, Shelar, Golden Glades Fields, etc.

Kamshet has become a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai. The lush greenery, serene and rippling water bodies and hilly terrains of the region add to its popularity. Bhandar Dongar, Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa Caves, Kondeshwar Temple, etc. are some of the popular sites at Kamshet. Trekking the hilly terrains, bird watching on locations such as Vadivali Lake, etc. are some other popular activities in Kamshet.

There is so much to see in Kamshet.

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