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Nabneet Rana

Nabneet Ranaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

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Beautiful place to visit with family and friends

Kangra valley is a beautiful place to visit with family and friends. Lovely breeze coming from the middle of mountains cutting through the pine groves makes you happy and cheerful. It is a very nice place and is a must to visit. The rivers there are so nice. The British style railway is also a must to see and it is a must must must to visit place to love it.

Aakash Deep singh

Aakash Deep singhratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviews

Awesome place both spiritual and adventurous

Awesome place to visit with your family and friends. Spiritual and adventure both exists side by side. Almost all the temples are situated within range of few miles here. For adventure sports one has to go to Bir Billing near baijnath. Paragliding activities are very much prominent here. Recently Pre Paragliding world cup was organised here. You can reach Kangra by any mean Air, Rail or by Road. Only place in Himachal where you can find such facility. Dalai Lama temple is of great interest for people here. Must visit for each and everyone once in a lifetime.

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Kangra Overview

Kangra is a beautiful district of the Himalayan state of the Himachal Pradesh of India. In the ancient times Kangra was called as Nagrkot. It is situated between the two rivers, Sutlej and Ravi. Kangra district has a very special significance in the history of India for witnessing many battles. Kangra was very prosperous in the ancient times during the rule of Katoch Rajas.

The famous Kangra fort which is a fort cum place was built by Raja Susharma Chand Katoch. Raja Susharma Chand Katoch’s reference is also found in the great epic Mahabharata. It has been found that he was in the close ally of Kauravas in the Mahabharata war. The famous Kangra fort has faced many wars.

Like Mohammed Ghazni, who came to India in the 11th century and looted Kangra, amazed by the prosperity of the fort, Kangra was also captured by Mohammed Bin Tuglaq in 1337, while Raja Priti Chand was in the reign. However In 1351, Raja Purab Chand recovered the fort from the Muslims.

The district of Kangra is also called Dev Bhoomi as it has numerous temples dedicated to different Gods of Sanatan Dharma. There is a temple of Kangra Devi also known as the Vajreshwari Devi temple, where thousands of devotees come every year on different Hindu festivals. The original temple no longer exists, as it was destroyed by the earthquake. Now, at the same place a new temple is constructed.

The Jwala Ji temple is the holiest amongst these temples. The word ‘Jwala’ means flame in Hindi. Jwala Ji is a major source of the attraction for the pilgrims as well as the visitors because of its unique and inexplicable property. The temple exhibits natural jets of flame. Many researches have been conducted to find the source of the flares of flame, but reason still to be discovered.

It is also said that, the great Akbar tried to shut them off, but failed and started suffering. People say his attempt was the cause of it and he came bare footed to the temple to apologise. He also donated a precious umbrella made of silver. The history of the temple strengthens in the belief of the pilgrims on the existence of the god. The best time to visit Kangra is between March and June.