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Nagraj ....

Nagraj ....ratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

14 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Appointment with a Tiger

Kanha, National Park at Madhya Pradesh is the home for Tigers. Well protected area for Tiger conservation. Madhya Pradesh must be proud of its achievement in protecting the tigers. Kanha is very well scientifically planned area. Being a protected area, the wild life department has created zones in the forest in order to control the number of visitors not avoid the disturbance jungle life.

Kanha offers two types of accommodation in the Government facilities, however there multiple options of the lodging outside the prohibited area. An independent bungalow style and the other is a dormitory rooms for 8 persons per room. The accommodations are very excellent and well maintained. Any accommodation should be good for the traveller. The park also provides the restaurant facility and room service is available.
The wild life department has provided the guides and the jungle jeeps. One has to book the accommodation and the jungle visit well in advance. The booking is online. Every jungle jeep accommodates 6 visitors, a guide and a driver. At 6 in the morning the first batch of the visitors are allowed inside the park , the second batch is at 2 pm.

We took the first batch. The jeeps, with the visitors, guide and drivers are ready well before 6 am, the clock strikes 6, the race starts but in very organized manner. The experience was adorable, a sight to see. The visitors equipped with hats, sweaters, binoculars, cameras, light snacks and water bottles, displaces the keen interest of wild life lovers and readiness the explore the world of tigers. The moment we entered the core jungle, the weather changed, chill, cold cutting winds and regretted for not carrying the light sweater. The intricate color combination of the vegetation gives you energy of different kind and evaporates the pain and trouble taken to enter the park.

We encountered the dancing peacock, some the full open feathers, some about to open; everything was dynamic. A few resting on the small rock majestically. Intermitted exchange of notes with other jeeps, in order to save time in chasing the tiger, remember the sight of the tiger is the prize. We were unlucky, after four hours of constant back breaking drive could not shake hands with tiger. It is very important to hear the various noises in the jungle. The tiger roar is loud can be heard at long distances. When the tiger is around, all other animals start the warning calls. The most insecure are the langoor, when the langoors activities escalates, one can be certain, the tiger is round the corner. It is the skill of your guide to identify and locate the tiger. Some birds made our day. Kingfishers, Green Bee Eater, normal Egrets. Langoors were in numbers. A few Bisons used to visit during the evening near our accommodation. Deers, Antelopes, Sambar were too seen quite frequently. One has to be very quick with camera, the sightings are few seconds. A good photograph is a test of your skill & ability. One can witness all brands and accessories of photographic equipment.

At the end of the long drive we left the jungle of witnessing all the technology, visitors enthusiasm, people explaining the experiences of sighting the tiger, its power, smiles with mental owe to visit again, our group of six learnt other small tips of identification, bounty of nature, some lessons on botany were our prizes. The appointment with tiger did not happen. We were not fully disappointed as the deep or core jungle provided many of the treasures which are non existent in city.

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  • Kanha wildlife

Himanshu parikh

Himanshu parikhratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 10 months ago

Take permit to enjoy watching tiger in jungle

Kanha National Park is one of the most beautiful Jungle of the world. Prior permit must be taken to take Jungle Safari. Kanha zone has very chance of sighting of tiger. Even if you don't sight tiger, you will not be disappointed as it has vast varieties of flora and fauna. Beautiful Indian Roller, Grey Hornbill, Jungle Fowl, Black headed Oriole, Owl and so many other birds are there to cool your eyes and mind. Sighting of Barasingha, Chital, Wild Boar, Bison, Wolf, Jackal etc, is also very thrilling and exciting. Chill breezes and smell of different trees give you out of earth experience.

It is must visit place to connect with yourself and nature.

We took two Jungle safaris and lucky to have sighting of tiger. If possible have night safari and Elephant safari. It is very exciting.

Have layered clothes in winter season as this forest have chilled wind and lower temperature. Be responsible in wild and do not litter in jungle. Please don't disturb animals by making noise or frequent flashing.

It is almost 200 km from Jabalpur. If you are less than 4 people go for single seat booking in safari. Rate of Jungle safari for single entry is Rs. 250/- PP. Fees of jeep is Rs. 2000/- and fees for guide is Rs. 360/-.

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