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Moideen Kutty

Moideen Kutty4.6/5

2 reviews

Nice beach area in Kerala

I studied in Kappad for 6 years, Kappad is most attracting tourist place in Kerala by its attracting shows on see. Beach is fulfilled by light bulbs and trees with attracting seats inside beach. Sunset on the sea is most beautiful sight on the Kappad. Many of tourists coming from different countries to watch sunset.

There is a resort named Vasco Da Gama near beach, it is built for tourists coming from other countries. We can see many of fishing boats and other boats on seashore daily.

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Sunil Kunnoth

Sunil Kunnoth3.6/5

71 reviews

Kappad, an enchanting & historic beach

If you love beach and history, do visit Kappad in Kozhikode/Calicut. A beautiful beach with rocks projecting into the sea and the enchanting surrounding with the total greenery, Kappad is a fine excursion spot. The village is so calm and serene offering you a pleasant feel or temptation to spend a night there. The front side beach resort will help you to have that great experience. The comforting thing is that the beach is still unspoilt and non-crowded. It is just 16 km away from Calicut city and the road is in excellent condition. There is a park here. Spend a few time there and proceed further to enjoy the real charm. The beach is at its best display near the temple situated on the rock. Vasco da Gama landed here in 1498 and that was the beginning of European invasion to India.

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I am heading to Kappad

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Korappuzha  Video Review


Korapuzha in Kappad  Video Review

Korapuzha in Kappad

Korapuzha in Kappad  Video Review

Korapuzha in Kappad

nice location  Video Review

nice location

Kappad beach  Video Review

Kappad beach

Kappad beach  Video Review

Kappad beach

Kappad beach  Video Review

Kappad beach

Kappad Overview

Kappad is a famous beach of Malabar Coast in the district of Calicut, of the state of Kerala in India, located about 16 km from Kozhikode town. It is also known by the name of the Kappakadavu, locally. It is situated on the banks of the Korapuzha River.

Kappad Beach is a beautiful beach which has rocks covered with moss. This beach is also known for its clear blue water, golden sand and its fishing hamlets. The place is bliss and attracts numerous tourists every year. Presently, it is one of the important tourist places in Kerala.

Kappad also finds its importance in the Indian history. This is the place where Vasco d Gamma, a Portuguese explorer landed when he discovered India in 1498. At that time Malabar was ruled by the Zamorins who warmly welcomed Vasco da Gama.

This was a great event in the history of India, as the world was made aware about India and its prosperity. This route gave the access to the Europeans to the India’s wealth. Later they stayed here for 450 years. To commemorate the landing of Vasco d gamma, a small stone monument is built there with the inscription, Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498.

The main reason why Europeans was attracted to Malabar was the abundance of spices and calico textile. Kerala is still one of the largest producer and exporter of the spices. Pepper cardamom and cloves are its main products.

Kappad is also known for its Ayurvedic treatments. It has many Ayurvedic centres which offer numerous Ayurvedic health and holiday facilities to the people. Visitors come here from different parts of the world to enjoy Ayurvedic massages and herbal treatments.

Kappad offers places to visit such as Elathur, the Canoli Canal and the Kallai River. All of them are close to the beach and considered ideal places for boating and water activities.

An ancient, 800 year old temple, on the rocks close by, is devoted to a local God in the vicinity. This place attracts a lot of devotees and visitors. Apart from the religious significance it is also known as historical and architectural splendour. Kappad is best visited during winter, as it relatively milder. Monsoon season is not a good time as the rainfall is extensive.

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