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Kaushambi Tourism

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  • State: Uttar Pradesh
  • Famous for/as: Heritage
  • District: Ghaziabad
Kaushambi is an ancient historical town in the district by the same name in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kaushambi is about 65 kilometres from Allahabad and is considered as a major tourist destination because of its ancient heritage.

The town has its reference in the Mahabharata as the city that was given to the son of Kush, i.e., ‘Kusamba’. Kaushambi used to be one of the main trading centres and also a travelling route during the tenure of the Buddha.

The ancient remains of the developing trade site of Kaushambi are still present on the banks of the River Yamuna and the commercial status of the city of Kaushambi was maintained till the 6th century when the region was frequently visited by Chinese travellers Yuan Chwang and Fa Hien.

The remains located with the Vindhyan range as the back drop include ruins of the Ashoka Pillar, remains of a fort along the Ghositaram Monastery that form a major attraction here. The Allahabad Museum located here consists of some rare coins, sculptures, findings and artefacts that were discovered during excavations. 

Kaushambi can be reached by road transport, as there are taxis available at Allahabad Airport or in the city area where the connectivity is good. Allahabad is the only major airport, which is located at a distance of 37 kilometres and the flights connects major cities like Delhi and Kanpur.  The nearest train station from Kaushambi is also located at Allahabad, about 47 kilometres away.

The best time to visit Kaushambi is just after the monsoon, between the months of October and November.

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