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Really wow  Video Review

Really wow

Beautiful sea view  Video Review

Beautiful sea view

Nice but not clean  Video Review

Nice but not clean

Awesome in the evening  Video Review

Awesome in the evening

Good beach  Video Review

Good beach

Peaceful beach  Video Review

Peaceful beach

Beautiful  Video Review


Very good beach to spend good time  Video Review

Very good beach to spend good time

Good beach  Video Review

Good beach

Nice beach  Video Review

Nice beach

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Anirban Saha

Anirban Saha3.6/5

1 review

Bhubaneswar to konakh

We go to baramunda bus stop from here a good number bus go to konarkh. Baramunda is a few kilometer from colony and you get bus from baramunda to konarkh every hour and it is very cheap and every one can afford it. You can book bus seat from here Ac/non AC available here ...

Biswaranjan Dehury

Biswaranjan Dehury5.0/5

11 reviews

Konark - The song on sand and stone where time measured by wheels shadow

My sin wanted to see Konark.. We drove from Cuttack through newly built national revamped during Nabakalebar time.. The Konark wheels true to magic.. Gave the impression that it is still ready to fly and bring sun God to the chariot.. You can measure time from the shadow.. It simply prove that Italy architecture is second to none in terms art and technology.. You can have the history of temple if you have some time to visit the archaeological museum near by which is neatly maintained.

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Konark Overview

Konark is a small town in Puri district in the state of Orissa. Konark translates as ‘Essence of the Corners’. Konark is famous for the Sun Temple, a World Heritage Site, which was built in the 13th century. It is an ancient place which was once ruled by the Eastern Ganga Dynasty.

The Sun Temple, dedicated to the Sun God, is made of black granite and belongs to the Kalinga School of Indian Temples. It was built by the Eastern Ganga Dynasty in 1236-1264 AD. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is 229 ft. high. The temple is visited by pilgrims and visitors every year from October to March.

Apart from the religious significance, the temple is also known for its unique architecture. It is in the form of a giant chariot of Lord Surya. This is drawn by seven horses on twelve pairs of intricately decorated wheels.

The main entrance of the temple is guarded by two lions and has a ‘nata mandir’ where the temple dancers performed for the Sun God. The temple has many floral patterns, and human and divine figures posing in various forms.

The site is preserved by the Archeological Survey of India, which established a museum exhibiting the ruins of the temple during the excavation around the site. Besides Konark there are some other famous sun temples like Biranchi Khetra, also called Biranchi Narayan Temple.

Among other attractions of the destination are Konark Beach and the Konark Dance Festival. The Konark Beach is known for its calm waters while the Konark Dance Festival is an annual dance festival which is devoted to classical Indian dance, especially Odissi, held in the month of December. A Craft Mela and Handicraft Exhibition are other attractions of the festival.

Apart from the Konark Dance Festival, held in December, another annual event called the Konark Dance and Music Festival is held in February. Organised by the Orissa Dance Academy and Konark Natya Mandap, the 24th edition of this festival will be held from 19th-23rd February, 2012. Renowned dancers and musicians will perform dance forms like Odissi, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Kathakali, etc and music from different music gharanas.

Konark can be reached from Bhubaneshwar, which is at a distance of 65 km, by taxis and rented cars. Bhubaneshwar is well connected by flights to major Indian cities. The nearest train station is at Puri, which is around 29 km away.

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Chandrabhaga Sea Beach, Konark
The Beach
Chandrabhaga Sea Beach, Konark
Enfield looking royal infront of beach
Konark, Odisha
World Heritage site
Konark, Odisha
Sun temple

There is so much to see in Konark.

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