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Saheb Biswas

Saheb Biswas3.6/5

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Very good destination for silent persons

Krishnanagar Located At Nadia District of West Bengal. I Like it too much because there was peace of mind, I want to visit it again and again. If you like crowd then it will not good for you, this is for a little bit old persons and who like to be with god. Krishnanagar is the capital of Nadia district and not so far from Nabadwip and Mayapur. Also You have to visit Mayapur and Nabadwip to take the full Goodness of Krishnanagar, Nadia District.

There was all thing that you want and that your need. Very Natural place with trees and fields with many toys shop and the most important and World Famous Matir Putul (Little Doll or Toy of Soil). And you can stay at Any Lodge or Hotel, That also many available at Krishnanagar Area. Also You can watch movies on Sangeeta Cinema hall. So you have to visit. Very Low budget trip. I want to say you again that this is for God loving people. If you dont like this typr of thing than you will not like it.

There was Very nice Christian Church, that was a must visit place also, and a river called Churni Nodi, Beside of Chorni Nodi there was many small hotel, I want to say you that they are small but very comfortable to stay. You can spent 1 day with Churni Nodi with your wife because this is very lonely so I like it. Food are very much easy to buy, almost all place's have small hotel and restaurant. And many big size hotel also there, You can take food from anywhere you want.

Many types of Misti (Sweets) are available to buy, this is famous thing of this place, You must have to eat some kind of sweets. Now you have to visit Rajbari (King Krishnachandra's Palace). And this is the time of a Fair of Christian Church for Christmas and New Year. The fair star from 25th December and ended to 3rd January, Also you can visit it after 3rd January but the crowed was gone.

Now You will start visit Mayapur and Nabadwip, There was so many Temple. You can travel by Bus, Bus are always available at anywhere of Krishnanagar. And many samll Cars and Toto. Train Station also there at Krishnanagar. At last I want to say this is very good place to visit for searching God.

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  • Very good destination for silent persons
  • Very good destination for silent persons
  • Very good destination for silent persons
  • Very good destination for silent persons

Tanay Pramanick

Tanay Pramanick5.0/5

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Krishnanagar, nice visit

Its a good city. It's has a variety of old and new place to see. Its has a great sweet called sar vaja. Matir putul of Krishnanagar is world famous. Near it there is a small city called Mayapur. It also a known place for Hindu. Tha raj bari of Krishnanagar is historical place. Church is a mind blowing place.

I am heading to Krishnanagar

Krishnanagar Overview

Krishnanagar is located in the southern part of the Jalangi River, which is 118 km from Kolkata. Apart from being the administrative centre of Nadia, it is also known as the land of the famous reformer of Bengal, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The city got it’s after the name of its founder Raja Krishnachandra, who was a patron of art and architecture. Krishnanagar is also popular for its religious places like Nabadwip, Mayapur and Shantipur, all of which are located nearby.

There are numerous sugar mills in the region, because of the agricultural nature of this place. Some of the regions of Krishnanagar like Ghumi, which is a sub-urban region, are famous for its clay products like animal figures, fruits and animals. This art of making clay forms has become one of the major art forms of Bengal.

One of the unique traditions of this place is the ancient teachings of Sanskrit. The economy of Krishnanagar has developed a lot over the years and so has the connectivity because of the presence of roadways and railway junctions.

Krishnanagar is also known for its sweet makers who are called Halwaikars or Moyras, who prepare some of the famous sweets like Sarbhaja and Sarpuriya. Jagadhatri Puja is a major celebration, across the town. The temple of Goddess Durga is located in the region of the Royal Palace. This is one of the rare events in which the grandeur of royalties is witnessed.

The religious temples and monasteries present here are an integral part of the culture of Krishnanagar. Other popular places here are the College Bhavan that was established in 1846 and the Public Library opened in the year 1856.

The region of Rajbari is famous for the Jhulan Mela, which is organised from the month of July to August. The most important festival here that is also the longest celebrated is the festival of Baro Dol. This festival extends throughout the month of March and April.

The Roman Catholic Church of this region is popular for its unique sculptures and architectures. It also includes rare possessions in canvas that depicts the life and times of Jesus Christ. Raja Krishna Chandra Roy's Palace and Jalangi River are other attractions in Krishnanagar. Mayapur, Bethua Douri Forest, Bahadurpur Forest and Murshidabad are popular tourist destinations close to Krishnanagar.

There is so much to see in Krishnanagar.

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