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Karun Kumar

Karun Kumar5.0/5

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A true place for the Adventure seekers.

Rann of Kutch, dhodro is the place where you can see the endless land full of salt. The place is well connected to Bhuj and Palanpur through Indian railways. You can hire cabs from Bhuj. Rates strats from 1200 INR excluding passes which is 150 INR per head. Sunset is the best time to visit Rann. If your pocket allows you, you can also rent a hotel in the same area. Night out in the full moon night is a must. In Month of February Gujrat Tourism organise RannUtsav festival, and in whole year its the best time to visit the white rann.

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Subodh Bisht

Subodh Bisht5.0/5

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Unique Destination in India - Great Rann of Kutch

Just travelled to Great Rann of Kutch. I used to wondering to visit this Place before getting married and just covered this beautiful travel destination. The biggest salt desert in the world. Planned to visit this month from 8 Dec to 11 Dec 2016. We travelled by flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad and reached around 9:30 pm (Flight delayed) and then took night bus from Ahmedabad to Bhuj. In the morning we reached Bhuj. We checked in to hotel and after fresh and up searching for local shops to rent bullets. Easily we found one local bullet provider. We rented 2 bullets as we were 4 bachelors. Rann of Kutch distance from Ahmedabad is approx. 90 kms. So around 11:00 am we started from Bhuj by Bullets. You need to take permit to visit Rann of Kutch which is 100 rupees per adult and 25 rupees per Bullet / Bike. After 1:30 and 2 hours ride we reached White dessert of Kutch. This was one of my dream destinations in India. Once we reached, parked our vehicle and enjoying white view of Salt desert. Both left and right side you will find Salt desert. Interesting thing is you can enjoy camel ride, Camel cart ride and Horse ride too. After entering gate you have to walk approx 2 km then you can see view from view point and can take photographs there. We spent some time there and felt fresh air there. It was a nice experience. Folk singers group performing there made it enjoyable. We took few photographs with them and returned back to Bhuj. I just want to say that this is a must visit place in India for them who love Nature.

Keep Reading. Will share my new experiences soon.

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I am heading to Kutch

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Kutch Overview

This district of Gujarat brings to mind a unique landscape with salty marshlands and no vegetation. Situated on the Gulf of Kutch, leading to the Arabian Sea, it is also known as the Rann of Kutch. The word Kutch or Kachchh, means tortoise in Sanskrit, and interestingly the shape of the region is rather like a tortoise. The word also means something that becomes alternately wet and dry, and it is true that the Rann of Kutch becomes submerged under water during the rains. Kutch is the second-largest district in India after Leh. The headquarters of the district are at Bhuj town. Tourism activities here involve desert safaris by jeep, camel rides, shopping for the unique local handicrafts, and sighting the rare wild ass found in the Little Rann of Kutch sanctuary. The people of Kutch comprise of nomadic, semi-nomadic and artisan tribes who contribute to the rich folk art and culture of the region. The embroidered garments with mirror-work and the camel wool shawls from here are extremely famous; as is the chunky silver jewellery and carved woodcraft. You could visit the villages around Bhuj as each of them makes

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