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  • Type: Lake
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Pangong Lake, Ladakh (Leh)
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Places to Visit in Ladakh (Leh)
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Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake is about 140 km from Leh and is situated in the higher reaches of the Himalayas. It is an endorheic lake and is one of the largest brackish water lakes in Asia being around 134 km long and extending into China. It is known as an endorheic lake... Read More »
  • Type: Palace
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Leh Palace, Ladakh (Leh)
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Places to Visit in Ladakh (Leh)
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Leh Palace is similar in construction to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. This palace was constructed by King Sengge Namgyal during the 17th century. By mid-19th century, this place got abandoned due to the annexation of Ladakh by Dogra forces. This annexation led the royal... Read More »
"Huge Palace"Jun 29, 2016 "Leh palace, really not a palace"Jun 9, 2016
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  • Type: Monastery
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Shanti Stupa, Ladakh (Leh)
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Places to Visit in Ladakh (Leh)
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Shanti Stupa refers to a peace pillar, which was established by a 'Peace Sect' of Japanese Buddhists. This pillar is located in the Leh District just above Changspa, which is famous for its gilt panels that depict the life stories of Buddha. In 1983, the construction of this... Read More »
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  • Type: Valley
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Nubra Valley, Ladakh (Leh)
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Places to Visit in Ladakh (Leh)
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6.6 / 7 1
25 Ratings & 17 Reviews
Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, Ladakh has drawn many a traveller from far and wide to its raw and untouched lands. Ladakh lies in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas and is often called “Cold Desert.” Wrapped in the serenity of... Read More »
  • Type: Gurudwara
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Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, Ladakh (Leh)
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Places to Visit in Ladakh (Leh)
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21 Ratings & 14 Reviews
A journey into the clouds is what you can expect, climbing to a height of 12,000 feet above sea level to reach the Gurdwara Pathar Sahib in the valley of Ladakh about 25 kilo meters from Leh. Steeped in local folklore, the shrine is of religious importance with a historical... Read More »
"Peace and tranquility"Jul 19, 2016 "Peaceful Gurudwara"Jun 29, 2016

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