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Latehar is a district which is located in the Palamu region of the Indian state of Jharkhand. The headquarters of this district is based at Latehar town, which is located around 105 km north-west of Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand. This......Read more on Latehar

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Betla National Park, Latehar
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Places to Visit in Latehar
  • Type: Park
Betla National Park, located in the Deccan Plateau, is one of the national parks converted into a tiger reserve. The park comprises the Palamau Tiger Reserve, which is spread over an area of 1,026 sq km, and in 1989, an area of about 226 sq km was also included in this park. The Mahuadar Wolf... Read More »
Koel River, Latehar
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Places to Visit in Latehar
  • Type: River
Koel River originates from the Palamau Tiger Reserve and is segregated into two rivers, the South Koel River and the North Koel River. The river is believed to be fed by three streams of Jharkhand, namely South Karo, North Karo and Koina. The South Koel River is also known as Brahmani,... Read More »
Lower Ghaghri Falls, Latehar
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Places to Visit in Latehar
  • Type: Water Fall
Lower Ghaghri Falls is situated at a distance of around 10 km from Netarhat in Latehar district. It is considered among one of the highest waterfalls of India, which falls from a height of 320 ft. Located against the background of thick forests, tourists can also see Upper Ghaghri Falls, which... Read More »
Kanti Waterfalls, Latehar
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Places to Visit in Latehar
  • Type: Water Fall
Kanti Waterfalls is located around 23 km east of Althea in the Amjharia Plateau. Tourists can reach this site by a 2 km walk from the main road. Read More »
Magnolia Point, Latehar
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Places to Visit in Latehar
  • Type: Picnic Spot
Magnolia Point is famous for offering  view of sunset and is around 10 km from Netarhat. It is believed that the sun descends into the valley of Vindhya hills and makes the sky filled with numerous shades of colours like pink, crimson and orange. Read More »
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