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Shahapur, Mahuli Fort
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Shahapur is located in the Thane district and is situated around 10 km from Mahuli-Fort. It lies on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway No. 3 and is a well known industrial area. Shahapur has a number of dams that supply water to the city of Mumbai. The town of Mahuli and Aaja... Read More »
"Very good place"Feb 7, 2016
  • Type: Place of Worship
Manas Mandir, Mahuli Fort
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Manas Mandir is also popularly known as Shri Bhuvan Bhanu Jain Manas Mandir Tirtha. It is the famous Jain Temple, which is situated at the base of the Mahuli hills. The temple exhibits a 76 ft dome, huge ceiling and  carvings and architectural work. A number of travellers... Read More »
  • Type: Lake
Tansa Lake, Mahuli Fort
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Tansa Lake, which is located around 25 km from Mahuli, is a famous artificial lake. This lake is formed across the River Tansa and is situated in the Thane district. It is one of the largest lakes in the state of Maharashtra which can hold about 3 million gallons of water.... Read More »
  • Type: Sanctuary
Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahuli Fort
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Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Mokhada, Wada and Shahapur talukas, which are situated in Thane district of Maharashtra. The sanctuary covers an area of around 320 sq. km and houses various forests like Vaitarna, Khardi, Shahapur and many more. The Tansa Lake, which... Read More »
  • Type: Dam
Bhatsa Dam, Mahuli Fort
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Bhatsa Dam is constructed on the Chorna and Bhatsa rivers and is the main source of water in the Thane district on the Indian states of Maharashtra. This dam is around 89 m in height and 959 min length. This dam covers an area of about 3,070 hectares and has the capacity... Read More »