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Manapad Point is located near Manapad Village in Tamil Nadu. It is situated at an average elevation of 24 m above sea level.

Manapad Point is popular for sea water sports such as surfing. However, this surfing point is still to be explored by much of the tourists. As for now, it is mostly visited by fishermen, nearby villagers and a few foreign nationals.

As a fishing harbor, the place supports the nutrition of many coastal people. The way of life is very casual here and locals are friendly. Visitors can enjoy the beach at night as well.

There are no hotels in Manapad Point. However, one can rent a house of the local fishermen. Hotels are available at the nearest town, Tiruchendur, although not many.

The nearest airport is at the distance of 176 kms, Madurai and the nearest railway station is at Thiruchendur, 18 kms away from Manapad Point.

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