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  • Type: Palace
voted as clean
Jahaz Mahal, Mandu
Rank 1
Ranked 1 of 30
Places to Visit in Mandu
Average Rating
5.9 / 7 1
11 Ratings & 6 Reviews
Jahaz Mahal, also known as the Ship Palace was built in the 15th century by Ghiyas-ud-din, son of Emperor Mohammed Shah. The two storey palace lies between two artificial lakes, the Munj Talab and the Kapur Talab. This mahal was used by Ghiyas-ud-din as his harem. The palace... Read More »
  • Type: Palace
voted as clean
Rani Roopmati Palace, Mandu
Rank 2
Ranked 2 of 30
Places to Visit in Mandu
Average Rating
6.1 / 7 1
14 Ratings & 11 Reviews
"Beautiful palace"Jan 30, 2016 "An Old but Average Place"Dec 17, 2015
  • Type: Religious Place
voted as clean
Shri Mandavgarh Teerth, Mandu
Rank 3
Ranked 3 of 30
Places to Visit in Mandu
Average Rating
6.0 / 7 1
2 Ratings & 2 Reviews
Shri Mandavgarh Teerth, situated inside the Mandavgarh Fort, is devoted to Shri Suparshwanath Bhagwan. There is a white stone idol of Shri Suparshwanath Bhagwan, in the padmasana posture in this temple. A trust called the Shri Jain Shwetambar Teerth Pedhi manages this temple,... Read More »
"Great place"Jan 17, 2016 "Beautiful Jain temple"Mar 27, 2015
  • Type: Palace
Hindola Mahal, Mandu
Rank 4
Ranked 4 of 30
Places to Visit in Mandu
Average Rating
5.5 / 7 1
3 Ratings & 2 Reviews
Hindola Mahal, also known as the Swing Palace, is situated in Mandu. It has been named as Hindola Mahal due to the sloping side walls. Local inhabitants believe that the palace was constructed during the reign of Hoshang Shah in 1425. It is a T-shaped structure with crossbars... Read More »
"Unique structure"Oct 31, 2014 "The Queen's Palace"Aug 29, 2014
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Rupmati Pavilion, Mandu
Rank 5
Ranked 5 of 30
Places to Visit in Mandu
Average Rating
6.3 / 7 1
2 Ratings & 1 Review
Rupmati Pavilion, originally built as an army observation post, is a huge sandstone structure situated south of the Baz Bahadur Palace. Rani Rupmati, the queen of Baz Bahadur, used to live at this site. From here, she could see the palace and the Narmada River. It is also an... Read More »

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