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Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Mangalore
Rank 1
Ranked 1 of 40
Places to Visit in Mangalore
Average Rating
6.6 / 7 1
30 Ratings & 25 Reviews
Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, built by Sri Narayana Guru, the saint and social reformer from Kerala, dates from 1912. Only temple in Karnataka built by Sri Narayana Guru, it was meant for the worship by Billava community, who were prohibited from entering other... Read More »
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  • Type: Beach
voted as clean
Panambur Beach, Mangalore
Rank 2
Ranked 2 of 40
Places to Visit in Mangalore
Average Rating
6.0 / 7 1
58 Ratings & 50 Reviews
Panambur Beach serves as the site of kite festivals during the last week of April for a group of kite makers and kite flyers. Apart from New Mangalore Port, Mangalore Chemical and Fertilizers Factory and the Kudremukh Iron Ore Factory are also located near the beach. Read More »
"Cleanest beach in India perhaps"Jan 5, 2017 "Serene beach"Dec 31, 2016
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  • Type: Church
voted as clean
St. Aloysious Chapel, Mangalore
Rank 3
Ranked 3 of 40
Places to Visit in Mangalore
Average Rating
6.2 / 7 1
10 Ratings & 8 Reviews
St. Aloysious Chapel, located at the central region of the city on a hill, well-known in the region as the Lighthouse Hill, was built by Reverend Father Joseph Willy. This Christian chapel was built in 1884, as a part of the Mangalore Mission started in 1878. Owing to their... Read More »
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  • Type: Beach
voted as clean
Tannirubhavi Beach, Mangalore
Rank 4
Ranked 4 of 40
Places to Visit in Mangalore
Average Rating
5.9 / 7 1
15 Ratings & 12 Reviews
"A clean beach"Aug 20, 2016 "Calm and serene beach"Jun 13, 2016
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  • Type: Temple
voted as clean
Kateel, Mangalore
Rank 5
Ranked 5 of 40
Places to Visit in Mangalore
Average Rating
6.6 / 7 1
10 Ratings & 5 Reviews
Kateel is a tiny island in the middle of the Nandini River. The town is famous for its shrines dedicated to Ganesha, Naga, Chamundi, Rakteshwari, Kshetrapala and Brahma. Read More »

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