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Manikaran Climate & Weather



Mon 21st Aug

12° c

Drizzle in the afternoon.

  • Wind: 

    0 km/h

  • Humidity: 

    48 %

  • Pressure: 

    1007 mb

  • Cloud Cover: 

    1 %

  • Visibility: 


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Manikaran is located at a height of about 1760 meters in Himachal Pradesh. The valley is famous for its hot springs and pilgrimage centres. This valley is also an ideal spot for trout fishing. The climate in Manikaran is cold throughout the year and for more than half the year the minimum temperature remains below 0 Celsius. The summer months in Manikaran last from April to mid June. The maximum temperature can rise up to 17 Celsius and can fall to a minimum of 5 Celsius. This is the best time to visit Manikaran as the climate is pleasant and is considered ideal for tourists and sightseeing. At night the weather drops and it is advisable to carry winter clothing during this period. The monsoon season in Manikaran extends from the end of June to September. The average rainfall in Manikaran is approximately 200mm. Rain does fall intermittently throughout the year in Manikaran. The maximum temperature can scale up to 10 Celsius. Tourists who do not like monsoon are advised not to visit Manikaran during this period as rainfall is quite heavy. The winter period in Manikaran starts in October and stretches up to February. The temperature is very cool and the minimum temperature can drop to below 0 Celsius. The minimum temperature can reach - 8 Celsius. The highest temperature can reach a maximum of 3 Celsius. There is not much variation between the maximum and minimum temperature. It is advisable to carry winter clothing during this period. The best time to visit Manikaran is April to October. April to June is ideal for sightseeing and relaxing. From September to October the climate and weather is good for trekking, rock climbing and river rafting. October to February is ideal for snow skiing.

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