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Mrudula Pawar

Mrudula Pawarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 1 year ago

Just for relaxing and little bit adventure

Matheran basically it is a hill station situated near Mumbai ... If you are staying in Mumbai then within 2hrs you will reach main taxi stand of Matheran. From there you need to pay 50/- entry fees for Matheran. Then from there you can go by walking or take horse or direct take train from neural station. Depends in which season you are visiting Matheran. If you want to relax, enjoy, adventure or just want to be with pure nature and fresh, pollution free air then Matheran is the best option and there is no specific season to enjoy all of these. You can't visit all the points in one day atlist you need 3 days. You will get various options to stay. I would suggest you to don't waste too much for stay because whole day you will be outside only for sleeping and to take Bath you need room. Invest that amount into eating and buying chiki, and other fruit products ... You have option like rickshaw and horse to visit various points in Matheran. I would suggest you not to bargen too much with localities because tourism and tourist are the only options for them. Why I am saying this because we can buy costly items in mall then why to bargain with them and Matheran people they wont make you fool because when you will visit Matheran you can clearly see bords of Maharashtra tourism on that they have clearly mentioned fix prices of horse for particular points for example 5points in 500rs so isn't it cheap. And Matheran is budget tourism destination. If your budget is low or you don't want spend too much on stay then you can stay in indira gandhi nagar its 1km away from market and there you can have homemade food from localities and price rates are also cheap and sufficient enough to make your tummy full. I used to stay in point view hotel and also in indira gandhi nagar too both experience was good.
If you don't want to take horse, train or rickshaw from taxi stand to reach Matheran market then you can go by walking on mini train track too it will take hardly 45mins But still depends upon your walking speed. On the way you can enjoy two points sakharam and tukaram ... Durinf rainy season its full of greenery and waterfall, fog.
So please do visit Matheran alone, with friends or with family.

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Varun Vashishtha

Varun Vashishtharatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

10 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

'Matheran' awesome Hill station.

Matheran Distance - Approx 100 km away from Thane which will take around 1 hour by local train.
How to go there : you can take Thane to Neural local train from Thane railway station. Train fare is only 20 rs.
After reaching neural : you have two options to reach Matheran
1) Toy Train (per person 65 rs take 2hours.
2) cab or taxi (per person 70 rs) take 15
3) Own Vehicle - 15
Information - Toy train is not in service from last 6 months.
So you have only two option that is either by taxi or your own vehicle
After Reaching Matheran :
They will charge 80 rs per person to enter in Matheran. As you all know its a eco sensitive place no vehicle allowed after this. Either you go by doing trekking or by sitting on horse. They ll drop you on MG road. So many hotels and restaurants are there for food and stay ... From this road you can go to famous point or you can also do night trekking
AFTER Reaching M. G. Road :
You can start night trekkin to different points like lord point, rambaug point, Malang point, louisa point but be safe be in group ... Take ample of food, torches and water bottle with you. Explore different points and place but with taking all the precautions. Best of luck have fun
Time to visit Matheran : guys this is the right time to visit there ... Awesome mausam, cool breeze, night trekking everything is so good ... Plan only for 1 night and 1 day ... In night you ll do trekking and in morning go to different points to see the scenic beauty of Matheran.
Top place to visit after reaching there
Point is Louisa point and Malang point ***
After this all are kind of same.
1) echo point - good scenic view but no echo
2) honeymoon point -kind of same as like echo
3) Rambaug point - go in night there view of neural from there is good
4) charollet lake : ohke not so good but you can go there for once.

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  • 'Matheran' awesome Hill station.
  • 'Matheran' awesome Hill station.
  • 'Matheran' awesome Hill station.
  • 'Matheran' awesome Hill station.
Amit Rao

Amit Raoratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

47 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Time well spend and worth every penny

Matheran, is a best and nearest getaway from Mumbai. 110 km from Mumbai and around 70 from Thane. You can reach this place by train or by car. Take a train to Karjat or Khopoli from Mumbai/Thane/ Kalyan to reach Nerul station. A toy train takes you to the hill station. The toy train takes approx 2 hours to reach the top. The other option is to travel by (share)taxi, which will take you to the hill station in just 15 minutes. The Toy train ride is a fun of its own kind. The train moves through the mountain, giving a breath taking view of the Western Ghats. The best time is to visit just after the rainy season, as the greenery will be at its best. But other time of the year also it is a fun ride to enjoy. The Train takes you to the center of Matheran i.e the market place. Cars are not allowed inside Matheran, they have to stop 1 K.M away. The cars have to be parked there and visitors can either walk or take a horse ride to reach the market place. The plenty of options are available for hotels(budget to Expensive). It is advisable to get the booking done before hand. Matheran is a small place, and every thing is very near-by.
This place has a lot of view points, which gives a magnificent view of the western Ghats. The sunset at sunset point and the sun rise from Ram-ghat and also a treat. This place has a small market place, and it sells a variety of stuff. Most of the items are brought from Nerul, so it can be a bit costly. Visitors have to use there wild bargaining skills to get the correct price.
Since matheran is not having proper laid road, the only mode of transport is by foot or on a horse back. I suggest every one should try the horse tide at least once. The horse is well trained to take you to all the points. Again the rates are fixed for points, but you can get a good deal if you book for the full day and see all the points( 7 points in the day & 12 points in the evening).
The food in the hill station, is average, and manageable. The market has a lot of food option, A lot of shops are available which sells Chikki (sweets)which are really mouth watering.
Since it is a hill station, the best activity available is to relax and enjoy the climate. Apart from this at some places, adventure sports are also arranged, which can be fun.
Travelers are advised to take warm cloths, and have a good supply of medicines, as good doctors are not available, and there is only 1 medical shop available. A good comfortable shows is a must to walk around in Matheran. Also have a extra pare of shoes, as the red mud will damage the shoes.

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Mahipalsinh Vaghela

Mahipalsinh Vaghelaratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

10 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Beautiful Hill Station - Tiny town wonder

Matheran is a great run away weekend destination from cities hustle. Though not much above sea level, this part of Shahyadri mountain range is quiet good destination for leisure stay, great hiking trails, rock climbing and trekking activities. Very less mechanised & fossil fuel free transport makes it a ideal hill station. Less pollution & congestion.

Basic necessities are easily available. Great shopping experience during evening makes it a must go event during the stay. People are friendly. You can travel on horse back or man-pulled carts for exploring different locations & sightseeing spots. You can enjoy Sunrise, Sunset, Charlotte lake, Louis Point, Echo point, etc.

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Yash mahale

Yash mahaleratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Perfect Hill Station on Mumbai Outskirts

This place is a must visit for adventure enthus and peace seekers alike. The entire hill is covered with fog with around 70-80 feet visibility.
Points to visit:
1. Silia Point: Reverse Waterfall
2. Charlotte lake and Dam: Perfect spot for waterfall lovers during August end
3. Sunset and Sunrise point
4. Belvedere point
Matheran offers a waide variety of chikkis, fudges, juice syrups and crushes-
Nariman point is the best shop where you could shop all at one go.
Most hotels in Matheran allow couple stay, however, It would be prudent to call and confirm beforehand.
Sight seeing and chilling are the 2 things to be done here. I would suggest you try horse riding here as the terrain is mountainous and the experience is thrilling.
Checklist and advice for travellers:
1. Keep your backpack as light as possible.
2. Carry a torch with battery back up
3. Do not expect to get seamless internet network.
4. Do not go off wandering post 9 pm.
5. Carry your own booze, its costly up there and Divadkar is the only hotel in the market where you can buy it.
Be Safe, Have Fun. Cheers!

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Vaibhav Ghase

Vaibhav Ghaseratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

Awesome feeling with your loved one's

Its a superb place for romantic moments. The cold breeze climate is the thing which makes it different from other destinations. Winter season is the best time to holiday there. Mostly couples should go and feel the awesome destination. Sunset point is a must visit spot. Its all about home made food feeling which includes thalis, daal rice chapatis. There is a market called Matheran Market. Should visit there, i bet you will buy hand-full of things. We visited sun set point which is a very romantic place. We were just having walk and feeling the awesome climate there and then in the second have we preferred relaxing in our hotel room. Train is the best way of travelling to Matheran. Should get down in Neral and then from there you can take the Mini Train or else you can hire a sharing cab. Things which you should carry depends on the duration of holiday you are going to spend there. There is no need of carrying lot of things, only your basic things like charger, money and all are enough.

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Sunny Goyal

Sunny Goyalratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

Beautiful place, covered with hills

It is very beautiful place to stay for newly married couples as it is fully covered with Hills around it. There are lots of shops to buy products. There is also horse riding which you can enjoy a lot and most enjoyable is the toy train with the help of this we can reach to Matheran from a particular location and I love to visit this place again and again.

Saiprasad Todankar

Saiprasad Todankarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Simply awesome & beautiful

Matheran is best to visit your dearest one's. Simple and well worth. The best spot in Matheran is an sunset point people love to visit Matheran in the vacation. Best place to visit in Maharashtra. Different people with different cities are visiting daily. I hope you will surely visit.

Venson Lobo

Venson Loboratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

25 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Best place to spend weekend ever !

I was so mesmerized by Matheran that I felt like I was Captivated my its charm. So peaceful and lush greenery filed place. Good thing is that they have maintained it as a no honk Zone. Do visit this place either during rainy season or else during winter. You would love it so much tat you would spend couples of days then planned.

How to reach : Take the Karjat local from CST and get off at Neral. From here you got an option either to take a cab for rs70/ for 8km journey or else take a auto for Rs40 for 4km and do trekking for the rest. I chose the latter coz I got a chance to spend some time at the waterfall on the way, and I wished to do the trek.

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Jigar Mistry

Jigar Mistryratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

Matheran trip was awesome

I had visited Matheran. Its nice place with peace of mind and zero polluted city in India. My favourite thing to do in Matheran. I recommend to do horse ride and night visit in the bazaar. And do not forget to experience of gola in cool palace. You can walk around different point to see beauty of nature. Monkey is also the part of our happily journey you can see lots of monkey on the way. Visit Matheran in rainy season for getting more fun and enjoy you will find lots of falls in rainy season.

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