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Scenic place, good for a days trip

We went to Mekedatu on a bike trip from Bangalore. It's a 190km drive from Bangalore and good to go during early morning. The place was very beautiful with Scenic surroundings enroute. The place is also referred to as sangama. A small river has to be crossed in order to reach the other side of the bank and take a bus to the hill top where you can witness the wonderful river Kaveri flowing through a deep and narrow gorge. There is a coracle service that helps us cross the river and it starts at about 8- 830AM. There is a bus service to the top with reasonable ticket price. These services are closed after 5-530PM. The bus ride is of about 10 minutes. Upon reaching the top one can reach the rock boulders between where the river flows by foot. There is only one shop here on the top that sells limited items. The place where the coracle service is has a small area full of shops where one can buy snacks and juices to consume while on the hill top. Once on the hill top there is nothing much to do but click more pics, enjoy nature at its best and be careful not to slip from any of the rocks as the river is not too deep, yet flows over a rocky bed and can be fatal.

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Shridhar1 Rao

Shridhar1 Rao4.3/5

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Awesome destination to spend a night in

The special thing here is the fast flow of water at Mekedaatu and came flow by the same river at Sangam. During night it is very peaceful except the constant sound of the fast flowing river. I would recommend you to visit during november to fully enjoy the place.

We played in the river at Sangam whose width is 80m. The water is crystal clear but there are currents at deeper ends. There is only one hotel nearby maintained by the government where the food is average to say the least. There are no shops available. Hence carry the thing you like from Kananpura itself. Trekking on the nearby hill and enjoying swimming in the cool water are the things we indulged in. I would recommend you to spend the night for the sunrise and also make sure to carry blankets and water bottles as it can get pretty cold during night.

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I am heading to Mekedatu

Mekedatu Overview

Mekedatu, popularly known as Goat’s Leap, is a renowned picnic spot, which is situated about 90 km away from Bangalore. This spot is from where river Cauvery after its confluence with river Kollidam at Sangama, flows through a deep and narrow gorge. This gorge is believed to be so narrow that a goat can even cross it in one leap. Originally, the gorge at Mekedatu through which the river Cauvery flows, is made of hard granite rock and is 10 m wide.

According to the legends, once a herdsman in that area saw that the goat, which was being chased by a tiger, leaped from one side of the gorge to another. However, tiger did not make any attempts to cross the gorge and abandoned the chase. Since, then the place is popular among locals as Goat’s Leap. Over the course of time, the point from where the goat jumped has become wide due to the continuous erosion caused by the river Cauvery.

Mythological stories popular among the locals tell that the goat (meke), which leapt across the Cauvery was Lord Shiva in disguise. It is also believed that the strange holes, which can be seen on both rocky precipices of the gorge, can only be made by divine goat. Besides this narrow gorge, tourists visiting the place can see a temple dedicated to Sangameshwara at Sangama.

Located upstream on the river Cauvery, Shivanasamudra Falls, the second largest waterfall in India, is another popular attraction among the tourists. Nearest airport, which can be used to reach the destination is Bengaluru International Airport. Tourists can also reach the destination from Bangalore City Junction Railway Station.

Nearest bus stand, which can be used to reach Mekedatu is a Sangama. This station is served by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses from Kanakapura. The best time to visit Mekedatu is from October through March.

There is so much to see in Mekedatu.

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