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Rohit Ak

Rohit Akratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

33 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Beautiful escape from city life!

Mekedatu is a beautiful place near South Bangalore. Its a gorge where a river cuts through the hills making it a scenic place. A journey from Bangalore to Mekedatu will being to you many spectacular views and many beautiful small villages. You can cross the river in a boat at certain places but beware of water currents and crocodiles. There are a few hotels just beside the river which serve you with a hearty meal, roadside fish fry is popular among the people of this place but definitely visit it during the monsoon during early morning between 7-9 where the mist rolls over the lush green scenary. It is about 70-80 kms from Bangalore.

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Mohan  Bhargav

Mohan Bhargavratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

1 reviewPosted August 2010

Mekedatu - A quick getaway option

Goat's leap, as the translation goes, is a benign name for a spot as dangerously exciting as Mekedatu. There's not much in terms of activities here - so it's best to go with little expectations and have a moderately good and quick getaway for a day from Bangalore.

Just 100kms away, Mekedatu is a deep gorge where the Kaveri gushes away between a narrow gap in the rocks. More treacherous than you would imagine, the actual point is not for the reckless or the faint-hearted. There is precious little in terms of infrastructure for viewing or you are pretty much on your own.

To complete the randomness of the Mekedatu experience, a wade (in summers) through knee deep waters of the Sangama (confluence) of the Kaveri and Arkavathy rivers, or a boat ride gets you to the other side. A bumpy ride in a sad old bus across 3kms, and you have reached the spot itself.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: There are just a few hawkers near the falls. Proper restaurants can be found only near the parking area. It's recommended you carry food with you.

The actual spot where the gushing waters can be seen is a risky area. While the sight is awe-inspiring, it's fraught with danger. One wrong step can be fatal. Those with more than the usual stock of adrenaline and those who are the trigger happy kind need to exercise extra caution. Keep a close watch on kids, hyperactive or otherwise.

Nothing to shop, as such...which can be quite a relief sometimes!

Activities & things to do: Watching the mercurial waters is the activity here. Of course, it's not easy to find the best spot to watch the action. If climbing cliffs and a penchant for exercising restraint are your strengths, you would have had a good time in Mekedatu.

And a word on the journey from the river bank to the falls. If you are the outdoor type, you wouldn't mind doing the 3km walk. The setting is nice but for the dust raised by the rickety buses when they pass you by.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Just 100kms from Bangalore, Mekedatu is a practical choice for a day's outing. The easiest way out of the city might be the Kanakapura road. Parking is available at the Sangama. When the water level is low, two wheelers can reach the other bank. In the summers, you will also find hordes of tourists wade through the water to begin their 3km ride (or walk) to their destination.

The mini-buses you find across the river are straight out of a Malgudi episode. They are so rickety that you'd want to get down and walk. We did. The walk isn't killing and getting glimpses of Kaveri and the company of friends can liven up things.

Remember to exercise due caution once you reach the cliffs. The lack of safety measures on the part of the authorities sticks out more than the rocks around!

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Mekedatu Overview

Mekedatu, popularly known as Goat’s Leap, is a renowned picnic spot, which is situated about 90 km away from Bangalore. This spot is from where river Cauvery after its confluence with river Kollidam at Sangama, flows through a deep and narrow gorge. This gorge is believed to be so narrow that a goat can even cross it in one leap. Originally, the gorge at Mekedatu through which the river Cauvery flows, is made of hard granite rock and is 10 m wide.

According to the legends, once a herdsman in that area saw that the goat, which was being chased by a tiger, leaped from one side of the gorge to another. However, tiger did not make any attempts to cross the gorge and abandoned the chase. Since, then the place is popular among locals as Goat’s Leap. Over the course of time, the point from where the goat jumped has become wide due to the continuous erosion caused by the river Cauvery.

Mythological stories popular among the locals tell that the goat (meke), which leapt across the Cauvery was Lord Shiva in disguise. It is also believed that the strange holes, which can be seen on both rocky precipices of the gorge, can only be made by divine goat. Besides this narrow gorge, tourists visiting the place can see a temple dedicated to Sangameshwara at Sangama.

Located upstream on the river Cauvery, Shivanasamudra Falls, the second largest waterfall in India, is another popular attraction among the tourists. Nearest airport, which can be used to reach the destination is Bengaluru International Airport. Tourists can also reach the destination from Bangalore City Junction Railway Station.

Nearest bus stand, which can be used to reach Mekedatu is a Sangama. This station is served by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses from Kanakapura. The best time to visit Mekedatu is from October through March.