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  • State: Haryana
  • Famous for/as: Hill
  • District: Panchkula
Morni Hills is a hill station in the Panchkula district of the northern state of Haryana, and is situated at a height of 1220 meters above sea level. It is believed that the Morni Hills are named after Queen Morni who used to rule this place at one point in history. It is a very serene and calm place and is much appreciated for its scenic beauty. The Morni Hills are offshoots of the Shivalik mountain range of the mighty Himalayan range on the north.

This place is paradise for all the nature lovers as there is a large variety of birds found here. Birds like Crested Kingfisher, Wallcreeper, Kalij Pheasant, Red Peafowl, Black Francolin, Himalayan Bulbul, Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Grey Francolin and Oriental Turtle Dove are some of the often witnessed birds in the area. Various species of wild animals are also found in Morni Hills like wild boar, hyenas, hare, langur, jackals, sambar and sometimes even leopards.

The place is an ideal place to indulge in adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing and many more.  Morni Hills is at a distance of 45 kms from Chandigarh which makes it easily accessible. The journey from Chandigard to Morni Hills is pleasant and travellers can view pine trees, hill tracks and forest cover on their way. This place is a combination of plain and hill vegetation and the view is a delight to all the travelers.  

Morni Hills is an ideal place for a quiet weekend break for people from nearby places, and it remains busy with tourists throughout the year. Morni Hills is known for a large variety of flora and fauna. The hilltops are covered by pine trees and slopes are covered by jamun, shisham, jacaranda, ritha, neem, mango, pipal and sal trees. During spring, when the flowers blossom on trees, it is quite a picturesque sight.

There are two lakes in Morni Hills which are connected to each other in a mysterious manner and are even separated by a hillock. It is considered to be an auspicious and sacred lake by the locals and they gather here on various ceremonial occasions. The water level in both these lakes remains the same as these both are connected to each other through a channel in a hidden way. There is a small temple situated on the banks of the lake which holds a Trimurti from the 12th century when Shiva Temple also existed. Many people come to these lakes for trekking as well. Trekking can also be done towards the bank of the river Ghaggar which flows through Morni.

The best time to visit the place is from September to March. However one can also visit it during the other parts of the year as it remains fairly comfortable throughout the year.

Morni Hills is one of the weekend getaway options for travelers living in Panchkula and Solan.

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Dharmendra singh Tomar

  • Scout
  • Dharmendra singh Tomar
  • Lives in Gurgaon
  • 6 Reviews
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  •  9181 readers

"Morni hills, A single hill station in Haryana"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Dec 21, 2015
Haryana is more or less a plain state. Border of Haryana is shared with Himachal Pradesh, and this is the area where there is single hill station of Haryana, called Morni hills. Place is about 25 km from Panchkula, which is near Chandigarh and easy to approach from Delhi. Place is peaceful and green, away from fast life of city. There are two small lakes and a museum. Lakeside Haryana tourism resorts are good option to stay. If you are Lucky, you can see some wildlife. I was lucky to see monitor lizard, while going to lakes. Overall one day picnic spot in hill is what morning hills can be summarized for.
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  • 5 votes

Naina Jain

  • Scout
  • Naina Jain
  • 5 photos
  • 2 Reviews
  •  14 helpful votes
  •  8318 readers

"Serenity at its best!"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Aug 22, 2015
Owing to the fact that very few travellers have heard about this place, it's unspoilt and uncrowded. Lack of network is a blessing for those whose wish to de-stress and enjoy peace. The hotels and resorts are inexpensive, food is delicious and cheap and the locals are helpful and friendly.
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  • YES
  • 5 votes

Harmeet Puri

  • Scout
  • Harmeet Puri
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 3 photos
  • 4 Reviews
  •  24 helpful votes
  •  15318 readers

"Must visit place to get rid of hectic routine"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Mar 30, 2015
If you are bored of your hectic schedule, this is the place to go. Must visit Morni hills. Weather is cool but can't say about rain, any time it can rain. Small fort is there and it is very clean. Tikkar taal lake is there, very deep and food court are also there, so no worry about food.
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  • YES
  • 17 votes

Abhishek Saini

  • Scout
  • Abhishek Saini
  • Lives in Chandigarh
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  19091 readers

"Amazing place to visit and relax"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Nov 14, 2014
Morni Hills is an amazing place with romantic views, tight roads, but not tight enough to annoy the traveller. The main attraction is the journey and the place Tikkar Taal which has two lakes divided by a small mountain; the lakes are said to be connected from below the mountain as they maintain same water level throughout the year. A must at-least one-time visit for a couple to have their peaceful and alone time.
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  • YES
  • 27 votes

Loveleen Sharma

  • Connoisseur
  • Loveleen Sharma
  • Lives in Fazilka
  • 20 Reviews
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  •  30588 readers

"Excellent place for a peace of mind"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Oct 27, 2014
My overall experience was very good in morni hills. This is a diffrent from other palace because it is very peaceful. No traffic noise no other noises. Maggi and the paratha was very tasty. We played game like antakshri, ludo and many more games . We enjoy a lot. I suggest this place to other also because this is a peaceful area and full of fun.
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  • YES
  • 26 votes

Inderjit Singh

  • Scout
  • Inderjit Singh
  • Lives in Panchkula
  • 2 Reviews
  •  34 helpful votes
  •  24145 readers

"A perfect hill station, but food may disappoint you"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Oct 14, 2014
Amazing Place with awesome weather. Close to Chandigarh and a nice place to spend a day in Hills. Comfortable drive, greenery all around during monsoons, which makes it a nice getaway. Please carry your food stuff because Menu throughout the region is not upto the mark.
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  • 24 votes

Manu Manu

  • Explorer
  • Manu Manu
  • Lives in Chandigarh
  • 6 Reviews
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  •  20493 readers

"A picnic spot to enjoy for a day"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Aug 4, 2014
Journey to Morni Hills is only good through a road trip. I went there during summer with my family and found that it is not a very good place to visit. There is only a Tikar Taal which is always dirty and food from Haryana tourism is really very bad. It is a picnic spot and you must prepare food from home and enjoy it near the lake. Good open garden and peaceful area where you can relax your mind.
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  • 26 votes

Armaan Arora

  • Scout
  • Armaan Arora
  • Lives in Chandigarh
  • 2 Reviews
  •  53 helpful votes
  •  25475 readers

"It was fun at Morni Hills"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Jun 7, 2014
We had a lot of fun. We did spend some crazy times at the adventure park. The inn was fun too, if you sit outside and the view it is indeed great. Its little away from the city so it gives you a break. And its pretty nearby so you don't get too tired of travelling. Its cooler than the city. Its got the view of the hills and its pretty low too.
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  • 25 votes

Anuj Mehta

  • Explorer
  • Anuj Mehta
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 15 photos
  • 9 Reviews
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  •  28556 readers

"A quaint little place"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted May 11, 2014
This is a small quaint place not very far from Panchkula/Chandigarh. It is a hill station but the height above sea level is not much. There is not much to see except a small old fort and a lake called Tikker taal about 20 km from Morni. Good Haryana tourism hotels are available at Morni and Tikker taal which can be booked online. The food is average. Tikker Taal is a small lake surrounded by small hills and is part of some Mahabharata legend. The best time to visit these places is October, November. As they are not very well known places they are good for short weekend getaway for people living in Chandigarh and Delhi. A good place to relax away from city life.
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  • YES
  • 25 votes


  • Guru
  • A S
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 451 Reviews
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  •  630897 readers

"Nature at its purest form!"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Apr 2, 2014
One of the very dense forest areas in India and which is still far from the prying eyes of Indian tourists. Here you'll find nature in its purest form. The guest house of the forest department is the best place to stay. They'll also take you on the tour of the hills. If you are lucky you can also spot a jaguar sitting on the tree. There is a very famous cave where a man hunting panther used to stay. This was later hunted by the forest department to protect the locals. If you are lucky the forest officers might show off the Tiger skin with the tiny bullet hole. It gets really scary after dark and becomes a perfect place for campfire and stories of ghosts.
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  • YES
  • 23 votes

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