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I'm planning to drive up to Munsiyari sometime in December (I'd originally planned for early November, but couldn't go). I need to know two things - the road conditions, and when it would start snowing there. Don't want to get trapped on the highway, with snow all around me, particularly since i'm going all by myself. Sharad
 Accommodation in Munsiyari
Friends Will anyone tell me the good accommodation in Munsiyari. Also if anyone stayed in KMVN trh in Munsiyari tell me the location of it and how the view of panchachully from the KMVN trh.
 Trains to Kathgodam
Hi All, I intend to go to Nainitaal & then further to Munsiyari in the next summer. I am planning to go upto Gaziabad by taking the Golden Temple Express which leaves Mumbai on day one in the evening. It is scheduled to reach Gaziabad the next evening by around 8.00 P.M. The train from Delhi to Kathgodam reaches Gaziabad by around 10.30- 11.00 P.M., the same evening. Would like to know how punctual is the Golden Temple Express ? Know this is a touch & go scenario & all plans would fall flat if Golden temple express does not reach Gaziabad as per its schedule. Any idea normally by what time does Golden Temple express reaches Gaziabad ? Regards, Sanjay
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