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Murshidabad is a district in the state of West Bengal that is situated on the southern bank of the River Bhagirathi. It used to be the capital of undivided Bengal during the rule of the Mughals. The Nawabs of Bengal ruled this historical place for......Read more on Murshidabad

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Hazarduari Palace, Murshidabad
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Places to Visit in Murshidabad
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The Hazarduari Palace, or the palace built with thousand doors is one of the major tourist attractions of Murshidabad. The palace was once the site for holding the ‘Durbar’ or meetings of the Nawabs. This three-storey palace was built by Duncan McLeod 1837 for... Read More »
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Katra Masjid, Murshidabad
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Places to Visit in Murshidabad
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One of the oldest mosques in West Bengal, Katra Masjid is situated in Murshidabad. Built by Nawab Murshid Quli Khan in 1723, after whom Murshidabad is named this mosque is one of the main tourist attractions. Raised on a platform, this double storied mosque is built with brick... Read More »
  • Type: Monument
Imambara, Murshidabad
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Places to Visit in Murshidabad
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Close to the Hazarduari Palace, the Nizamat Imambara was built by Nawab Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah in1847 AD at a cost of around 6 lakhs. It is recognised as the largest Imambara not only in Bengal but also across India. It was built after the Imambara built by... Read More »
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Motijheel, Murshidabad
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Places to Visit in Murshidabad
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Motijheel is located a kilometre to the south of Lalbagh. Nawazesh Mohammad, the husband of the famous historical figure Ghasseti Begum, excavated this horseshoe shaped lake. Motijheel was also the residence of Warren Hastings, Lord Teinmouth, Sir John Shore and other... Read More »
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Nasipur Palace, Murshidabad
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Places to Visit in Murshidabad
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The Nasipur Palace is a major attraction of Murshidabad. Within the compound of the palace, there is the temple of Ramachandra, which is one of the largest temples across the district of Murshidabad. There is also a temple of Lakshmi-Narayana, close by, renowned for its... Read More »

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