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Man to live in heaven this iz is superb place

First you visit temple, then in this place we can go to beach and sea diving and water rides, here you can find different fishes with different fry tastes. You use to have photo lab there we get our pictures by photographer at reasonable prices. I love this place
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Kuldeep Jangra5.0/5

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Best religious place - Murudeshwara

Best place for family trip. I visited in august(monsoon) and that time the weather was awsme. The statue of lord shiva and a 18-floor temple building which were the main attractions of the Murudeshwara. The view was scenic with coastal and greenery from the Building's top floor(18th). Monsoon & Winter are the best seasons for visiting.
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I am heading to Murudeshwara

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Murudeshwar Beach




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Murudeshwara Overview

History of Murudeshwar

The name Murudeshwar, which is another name for Lord Shiva, finds its origins in the time of the Ramayana.

Ravana, the Lankan king wanted to attain immortality and prayed fervently to Lord Shiva for the same. Pleased by his prayers, Lord Shiva agreed to give Ravana the Atma-Linga (Soul of Shiva) on the condition that he would not place it on the ground before reaching Lanka. Ravana agreed and started on his journey home. To prevent him from obtaining immortality, Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu devised a plan to make Ravana drop the Atma-Linga.

Being enraged that he was tricked out of immortality, Ravana threw the various pieces of the Atma-Linga, and the areas where they landed are today cities of great religious importance. The cloth covering the Atma-Linga was flung to Mrideshwar, now known as Murudeshwara. There are many places to see in Murudeshwara.

People and Culture of Murudeshwar

The city is rich in its devotion to Lord Shiva, and is home to the second largest Shiva statue in the world; one of the best places to visit in Murudeshwara. The people are helpful and devoted to their God and are a good source of things to do in Murudeshwara. Tourism and religion go hand in hand in this city with most places of interested centered around the large statue.

Things to Do in Murudeshwar

The temple is the largest attraction in the city. The statue of Lord Shiva, built by R N Shetty, stands at a majestic 123 feet. Most of the activities and places to see in Murudeshwara are found close to this Shiva temple.

Other Murudeshwara tourist places, if you have some time in the city, are a visit to Murudeshwara beach, which also offers you a good view of the Shiva Statue. The Idagunji is also visited frequently. The beach is enclosed by hills to its East. Situated between Bhatkal and Honnavar, visitors can swim, fish and sunbathe on this beach. There are also boat rides on offer. Murudeshwara sightseeing has a lot to offer very different types of travellers.

Food and shopping in Murudeshwar

Murudeshwara places to visit includes Lavancha Handicrafts which offers traditional souvenirs like wall-hangings, idols of Gods, and jewellery boxes. Handlooms, traditional scarves and other items of interest can also be found at the various small shops and markets scattered around the main town.

Food choices in the city range from a simple vegetarian meal to a lavish four-course meal offered by many of the hotels found in the city. Situated close to the beach means that the city has on offer fresh and tasty seafood and an array of South Indian, North Indian and Chinese food. Murudeshwar also has an ice-cream parlour situated in the main town where one can relish some lip-smacking ice creams. Do not miss out on sightseeing in Murudeshwara!

Accommodation in Murudeshwar

With a whole host of accommodation options, the city’s most popular ones are the RNS chains of hotels. Besides this, there are some resorts and smaller hotels that are well maintained and decently priced. Ask about Murudeshwara tours at your hotel.

Murudeshwara can be accessed by air from Mangalore International Airport which is 153km south of the city. By train, the Murudeshwara railway station is connected to both Mangalore as well as Mumbai. The station is 2km east of the town and is reachable by bus or auto-rickshaw.

If you are wondering how to reach Murudeshwara by road, one can either take a private or state-run bus from Mumbai, Kochi or Bangalore. The city is located on NH17 which connects Mumbai to Kochi. Murudeshwara city attractions can be seen by taxis or auto-rickshaws. There are many options for hotels in Murudeshwara for the discerning traveller.