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Smriti Das

Smriti Das4.3/5

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Attractive tourist spot near by Hyderabad

Nagarjunasagar is one of the most prominent Buddhist Centre is located at a distance of 150 km from Hyderabad. It is also an attractive tourist spot in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. Recently in the month of July we visited this place. The beauty of Nagarjunasagar Dam side is awesome & it is the world's largest masonry dam is surely the pride of India. At a distance of 14 km from boat launch station there is a small island called Nagarjuna Konda. It is one of India's richest Buddhist sites & historical place. Unfortunately we didn't visit that place on that day due to the high velocity of wind blowing over Nagarjuna Sagar lake made cause to stop the boat riding. How ever, we moved towards a distance of 8 km from the boat launch station and there is a spot "Annupu" which is really beautiful & a must visit place.

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  • Attractive tourist spot near by Hyderabad
  • Attractive tourist spot near by Hyderabad
  • Attractive tourist spot near by Hyderabad
  • Attractive tourist spot near by Hyderabad

Deepa Chandran

Deepa Chandran4.3/5

6 reviews

Excellent Sightseeing opportunity and the boat ride was superb

Recently we visited Nagarjuna Sagar along with family. It was a memorable experience. We have driven in our own car. It is very beautiful place to see. Dam site has great look. Unfortunately dam gates were not open as we are not having enough rains in this part of the world!. Had it been rainy season, flood gates would have been open, and experience would have been more exciting and thrilling. But we cant help. Dont miss the boat ride to Nagarjuna Konda. Boat ride is for 45 mts one way. But the experience is superb. Gentle breeze, wow! And the boat ride through the gaps between hills is really a memorable one. You will have to be careful in the ride and watchful as some folks simply get up and run to get a better view while the boat is on the move as if they are walking on a road!. In Nagarjunakonda you will get to see the Archaeological museum. They wont allow you to take photographs inside. But it is a great experience. You have to ensure to catch the return boat as the only means of travel to Nagrjunakonda is by boat. Better to carry your own snacks etc as there are not many shops. Just few folks will be selling cold drinks and snacks there. You can see ancient Budhist sculptures here. Overall it is a nice experience.

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  • Excellent Sightseeing opportunity and the boat ride was superb
  • Excellent Sightseeing opportunity and the boat ride was superb
  • Excellent Sightseeing opportunity and the boat ride was superb
  • Excellent Sightseeing opportunity and the boat ride was superb

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Nagarjunasagar Overview

Nagarjuna-sagar, or Vijayapuri, as it was earlier called is a small town located between Guntur and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. The erstwhile name of the town means “the city of victory” while the present name is derived from Acharya Nagarjuna, a Buddhist saint.

The biggest attraction of the place is the Nagarjuna-Sagar dam. The dam, with a height of 124 metres, is the world’s tallest masonry dam. The dam was built in 1969, 14 years after its foundation stone was laid down by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1955. The dam serves the irrigation needs of the region and is also a source of hydro-electricity.

Built on the River Krishna, the project was first called the Nandikonda project, after the name of the town which was located there. However, it was later changed to Nagarjuna-Sagar. The Nandikonda town has been shifted to the erstwhile northern part of Vijayapuri, now called the Hill Colony.

Hill Colony, along with Pylon Colony and Dakshin Vijayapuri are the three settlements of the town of Nagarjuna-Sagar.

Ruled by the Satvahanas and subsequently by the Ikshvaku rulers during ancient times, the town holds special importance for the state of Andhra Pradesh because of its hydro-electric power generation capabilities.

Steam boat rides are available to the dam where the turbines can be seen in action. Apart from the dam, there is the island of Nagarjuna Konda to see here. It is a scenic town on an artificial lake. There is also the Buddhist Museum in Nagarjuna-Konda which houses the various relics of the Buddhist saint, Acharya Nagarjuna, along with other important Buddhist information.

The town of Nagarjuna-Sagar lies very close to Mriyalguda and Machrela, which have the majority of the hotels of the region. The town is also very well connected with the cities of Hyderabad and Guntur through bus services.

There is so much to see in Nagarjunasagar.

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