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Neemrana Tourism

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Ashish Sehgal

Ashish Sehgal3.6/5

37 reviews

Nice Experience

It was a nice experience where in I saw the Neemrana Fort and it was a great experience seeing an old monument and was a great unforgettable experience for me. The local food at Neemrana is also good with Rajasthani food making a way over here. One should keep a Cap, Umbrella during the visit in Summer season. I spent maximum of my time in Neemrana fort. On the way you will get two tolls if you are going by road from Delhi to Neemrana.

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Rohit  Mehta

Rohit Mehta4.3/5

11 reviews

Amazing Highway experience

I had to travel from Delhi to Neemrana, Rajasthan which is good for a one day visit and I travelled by road by own car. You get two tolls one near Manesar and one very near to Neemrana and they7 charge 60 and 125 bucks for one side respectively. IC an tell you for the highway experience and all the flyovers that are built it is very OK to spend this toll money one way. I can also tell you that there are so many petrol pumps on te wau in this 120 km stretch that you really don't need to worry about gasoline getting emptied in your car plus it takes care of heavy truck loads on highway. The highway os 6 lanes mostly while it is 8 at some places as well due to wider roads. Hotels yes you do find some local dhabas at almost every distance but the good known ones all over India are one near Ajmer bypass (Haldiram) or Bhiwadi bypass(Bikanerwala). I travelled extra 10 km to Bikanerwala in Grand Hira resort in Hamjapur and its recommended by me

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