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Roshan Rizvi

Roshan Rizviratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

The best hill station considering cost as a fact

There are other hill stations too which are better than Pachmarhi. The reason I said best because you can see whole Pachmarhi in just 3000 with your whole family in two days . If you are ok to stay in a hotel of 500 rupees a day then it will just take 4000 rupees to visit Pachmarhi including staying. Food is cheap. Don't do shopping take a hat and just have fun.


It was 1st june when I decided to visit some hill station and utilize the holidays provided by the only profession which is teaching. Got reservation done on 7th. Got down at Jhansi for some bank related work and started my journey on 8th night at 10 pm. Reached Bhopal at 2:30 by Gondwana Express and then went to PIPARIYA by intercity. 

However I did the most foolish act as there was a direct train from NEW DELHI TO PIPARIYA via Jhansi. I could have got reservation in it but i didn't know.

What is PIPARIYA ?
It is the station of Pachmarhi as Pachmarhi has no railway station. People get down here get bus or jeep and reach Pachmarhi which is 52 km or 1 hr away through a beautiful rasta such that you just cannot stop shooting throughout the whole journey. I took some pictures which will be uploaded later.

The cost of reaching Pipariya from Delhi with A/C is above 1400 but from Jhansi it is 1070. Cost of Pipariya to pachmarhi is 60 rupees. Bus of jeep doesn't matter.

When you reach Pachmarhi first of all take a hotel and do bargaining. The only place where I have seen hotel room tariffs are negotiable. Hotel sapna, Himalaya Rajvihar are the ones which offer lowest price of 500 for non-A/C. You won't get less than this. However there are cottages in beautiful locations

The best one is club view which has just awesome rooms and meant for couple. Costing 2600 per day.

Get fresh in hotel come down hire a gypsy. He will charge overall 2500 and you can visit any and every place. This 2500 also includes the cost of tickets.

Couples or single visitors should take a bike on rent which is 500 per day, 9 am to 10pm. He takes your id-proof original that's it and takes money later.

Sunset point dhupgarh is very risky to go by bike as it is so steep that if you don't have bike experience and if you get a bit afraid you will panic. Though I went by bike and there were instances when I was about to fall thousands of feet below. Well I had no option as being single finding gypsy was very difficult for myself.

Just for dhoopgarh couples must take gypsy. If it's akela banda bike is better option. It takes 3 days to completely see Pachmarhi and return satisfied. 4th day would go waste and 2 days are less however one can manage in two days. Viewing Pachmarhi means you're going to a place like vaishnodevi. For almost every place you have to walk a lot and the terrain is very difficult.

Do exercise be fit and then come. But Don't come like me. Though I walked a lot but now I don't feel my legs. So all the best for all of those who might go in future.

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Vineet shahade

Vineet shahaderatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 10 months ago

Awesome hill station

Pachmarhi is one and only hill station in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is known as Queen of Satpura. It is beautifully embellished by nature and history. There are too many places to visit in Pachmarhi. Pandava caves are known for its historic as well ancient hindu mythological reason behind that. Rajat prapat waterfall, Bee fall and Duchess fall are three beautiful waterfall that you should never miss to see. Dhoopgarh is the highest point in satpura range in madhya pradesh known for its beautiful sunrise and sunset point. Satpura national park is a famous for its varied topography with frequent leopard, wide variety of birds and other wild animals. Jatashankar cave, Jatashankar, Mahadev Temple, Bade Mahadev, chhota Mahadeo, Chauragarh, Mahadeo hill and Handi khoh are other places where you must go.

This place is full of nature's gift of natural herbs and medicines.

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I am heading to Pachmarhi

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Chauragarh Temple

Pachmarhi Overview

History of Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is a hill station situated in the central state of India – Madhya Pradesh. The name of the city, which means five caves in Hindi, is a result of the five caves said to have been built by the Pandava brothers of the Mahabharatha during their years in exile; one of the prime Pachmarhi attractions.

In the time of the British Raj, the area was under the control of the Gond king Bhawut Singh after which the village was turned into a hill station and sanatorium for British troops in Central India.

Though the town is not very large, most of it is administered by the Pachmarhi Cantonment Board that serves the Indian Army. It also has an airstrip near Dhupgarh.

People and Culture of Pachmarhi

The indigenous population of the town is not more than ten thousand people, most of whom have some connection with the Army installations in the area. There are a lot of things to do in Pachmarhi.

It is frequented by around one lakh visitors a year People bring along tridents that are of a symbolic nature and climb the Chauragarh Hill to keep them near Lord Shiva’s shrine.

Things to Do in Pachmarhi

Sightseeing in Pachmarhi has a lot of options. The Pandava caves are an item of most interest to visitors to this area. Located within Pachmari, they are easily accessible through various modes of transport.

Places to see in Pachmarhi include Dhoopgarh which is the highest point in Madhya Pradesh and accessible by car or by trekking. The Bee Falls are a must see in this area as they provide a gorgeous view. The falls are the source of water for the whole of Pachmarhi.

Jata Shankar caves, the place where Lord Shiva is believed to have concealed himself from the wrath of Bhaismasur, the Mahadeo hills which contain a shrine to Lord Shiva and home to one of the most beautiful Shiva Lingas in the world, and Handi Khoh, one of the most exquisite ravines and rich in mythological history are all Pachmarhi places to visit.

Food and Shopping in Pachmarhi

Metal artifacts made by the Bastar community of this area are very popular items among tourists and is an important Pachmarhi tourist place. Local paintings in Pachmarhi are collectibles which can be used to beautifully decorate your home. Though shopping in the town will not leave you with many extravagant items, the unique canopy work of the locals are interesting and agricultural implements can be found in the weekly markets hosted by the locals. Other famous places in Pachmarhi the local honey and herbal Ayurvedic medicine shops.

Accommodation in Pachmarhi

As constructions in the town were stopped around the 1990s, most hotels in Pachmarhi are restored colonial buildings that still retain their old world charm and are also great places to visit in Pachmarhi. Pre-booking is a must as this region is very popular among tourists and pilgrims. Ask about Pachmarhi tours so you do not miss out on any Pachmarhi sightseeing. If you are wondering about how to reach Pachmarhi, there are frequent trains and buses that travel frequently to the town. It is easy for the discerning traveller to find accommodation at hotels in Pachmarhi.