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Alok Saxena

Alok Saxena4.3/5

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Palghar-A better weekend spot.

Palghar is becoming a famous weekend gateway specially for mumbaikars. Hardly 2.5hrs drive or 1.5 hrs by train. Kelwa & mahim beaches are added attractions. Beaches are clean & pollution free. Also people are investing in palghar because of its rapid development, good infra structure, better rail connectivity& not far from mumbai.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Local restaurants serving fresh foods specially fish.

Activities & things to do: Beaches, temples.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Avoid Summers. winters are best time to go.Can drive down or catch a train.

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Divakar N

Divakar N4.3/5

18 reviews

Quick Break from Daily Chores !!!

Thinking of a quiet break from routine . . . . not very far from Mumbai . . . . . and a practically private beach. Lie back and enjoy at Kelve Beach, not very far from Kelve Road., a station just 3 stations away from Virar on WR. You wouldn't regret making the trip !!!

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Beach is good enough a sight-seeing spot. If you still want to explore more, there is an old temple around. Khana is not a problem. The local resorts serve homely food, full of spices and punch ! They serve the food with a personal touch.

Activities & things to do: You can do all that you like to do on a beach. To start, take a dip in the sea, allow the waves to beat you and once you are through, come to the shore and play games. You are with a big group, try cricket, football or Kho-Kho. There is a lovely cart ride waiting for you, if you want to invoke the child in you !!! ……… Or, just wander around this clean, quiet and flat beach.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: It is very convenient to reach the Kelve Beach, thanks to Western Railway. . . . take a local out of Virar, get down at Kelve Rd, third station from Virar, take a tuk-tuk and you are in ! With little more home work you can reach straight from Bandra through the Daily Shuttle. On the return, you have a convenient trip at 7 pm.

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Blissful Sunday evening at Mahim Beach  Video Review

Blissful Sunday evening at Mahim Beach

Palghar Overview

Located at around 87 km from the state capital city Mumbai, Palghar is an important city and the municipal council in the district of Thane in the state of Maharashtra. It is a busy town and is well connected with the important towns and cities of the state either by road or by railway. It is a border town located near Gujarat and the capital city of Mumbai is located 87 km from the town.

Palghar is considered as an industrial township and there are quite a few small scale industries located here. Pharmaceutical, plastics, textile, notebook and small scale engineering industries are based all around the town. There is also a bit of agricultural dependence with a section of the population depending on growing a variety of fruits like chickoo, coconuts, etc and rice cultivation.

There are many beautiful places to see in and around Palghar which draw in regular tourists. The Kelva dam with its beautiful garden constructed many years back is not only a source of irrigation, but also a nice place to visit.

The Kelva Fort and Shirgoan Fort located nearby are popular tourist sites along with the many beautiful beaches like Kelva Beach, Mahim Beach, Satpati Beach. There are also a number of picturesque lakes and some famous Hindu temples like the Ram Mandir and the Sheetala Devi Mandir which add to the beauty of the town.

Connectivity to the town is quite good as it is a part of the Mumbai Suburban Rail network. The town lies on the Mumbai-Ahmadabad rail route and is the next major junction after the town of Virar.

By road, it is connected by the National Highway 8 which connects Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Being so well connected, it is considered a good base point for tourists visiting the nearby tourist sites.

The weather in Palghar is quite tropical with summers being hot and humid and winters more pleasant. The season change is not as evident as some other parts of the country and the town can be visited almost throughout the year since the changes in the season is quite minimal. However, winter is still a more popular time and the town sees the maximum inflow of visitors during the months of November to March.

There is so much to see in Palghar.

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