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Panch delight

Panchgani the junior hill retreat of Mahabaleshwar has been in its shadow for a ling time. Now it has stood up as a destination by itself. First the climate is very pleasant throughout the year even in summer the evenings are pleasant. The cherry red strawberry fields beckon you to savour its delights. Then the adventure sports like paragliding Go carting and Dirt bike rides are all available. For the faint hearted the table top beckons for its long walks. Also its a great place for horse riding . The traditional maharashtrian cuisine is available at most outlets with the strawberry cream. A. All in all its a complete package .

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Amish mehta

Amish mehta

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Paachgani is a famous hill STATION. Planting many plant species from the western world in Panchgan

Sydney Point: This point is situated on a hillock facing the Krishna Valley. One can see from here the glittering waters of the Dhom Dam, and P? Ndavgad and Mandh? Rdeo. Sydney point is about 2 km from Panchgani Bus stand.
Table Land: This flat large expanse of lateriterock is the second longest mountain plateau in Asia. Some spacious caves including the “Devil's Kitchen” are visible from here.
Pabba 'Gaddar' Point aka Parsi Point: This scenic point is situated on the way to Mahabaleshwar, and overlooks the Krishna valley and the blue shiny waters of the Dhom Dam. This place got his name because Pabba decided to betray his friends and went to Pune rather staying at Panchgani.
Devil's Kitchen: Situated at the south of the table land, the Devil's Kitchen has with it: It is believed that the P? Ndavas of the Mah? Bh? Rat epic had stayed here for a while. P? Ndavgad Caves (near W? I) are also said to be built by them then.
Mala's Fruit Products:Mala's is one of the best Jam developers in the history of India. Mala's introduced the word 'JAM' in India. Panchgani is the hometown of Mala's Fruit.
Mapro Garden: Situated on the curvaceous roads between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, it is easily accessible by buses originating both from Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.
Panchgani is also famous for cultivation of strawberries, which is done almost throughout the entire year. Tourists can see strawberry farms, some of which offer fresh, handpicked strawberries.

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I am heading to Panchgani

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Kates point beautiful view of valley and mountains  Video Review

Kates point beautiful view of valley and mountains

Parsi point near Panchgani  Video Review

Parsi point near Panchgani

Nice place - Mapro Garden  Video Review

Nice place - Mapro Garden

Rainy season for view; Any season for Temple  Video Review

Rainy season for view; Any season for Temple

Well maintained  Video Review

Well maintained

Parso point  Video Review

Parso point

Excellent place to spend time with family  Video Review

Excellent place to spend time with family

Lingmala falls, turn right walk for 20 mins  Video Review

Lingmala falls, turn right walk for 20 mins

Near Panchgani road touch Parsi point  Video Review

Near Panchgani road touch Parsi point

Pleasant place to visit in summer  Video Review

Pleasant place to visit in summer

Panchgani Overview

Located in the Satara District in Maharashtra, Panchgani is a well known tourist destination. The town got its name, ‘Panchgani’, as it comprises of five villages situated in the middle of five hills in the Sahyadri mountain ranges.

Panchgani is bordered by Wai, Bavdhan and Nagewadi dam in the east, Gureghar in the west, Khingar and Rajpuri in the south and Dhom Dam in the north. The town lies at an altitude of 1334 metres above sea level and due to this; the temperature is around 12⁰ Celsius during winter and 34⁰ Celsius during summer.

This region was discovered by the British during pre-independence days. John Chesson, a British superintendent, was responsible for the transformation of Panchgani into a summer resort and is regarded as the ‘Founder of Panchgani’. He enriched the flora of the area by planting silver oaks and other plants. It is also said that, during Vanavasa, the Pandavas spent some time in Panchgani and the cave where they stayed is the famous Devil’s Kitchen.

Sydney Point is a well known tourist attraction of Panchgani. This is situated on a hillock facing the Krishna Valley. Table Land and Parsi Point are also famous for their scenic beauties. Kamalgadh Fort, Rajapuri Caves, Mapro Gardens, Dhoom Dam etc. are some of the major sightseeing options. The serene climate in the region has resulted in a number of health resorts.

Panchgani is 98 km away from Pune and 266 km from Mumbai. The nearest airport is Pune. The town is only 20 km away from Mahabaleshwar, another famous hill resort. Apart from flights, Panchgani is also reachable by trains and buses. The nearest rail station is at Pune. The destination is well connected by state operated as well as private buses from nearby regions including Pune.

The best time to visit Panchgani is from September to May.

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