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Sunset Point, Panhala
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Places to Visit in Panhala
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The popular sunset point of Panhala is located in the northern end of the Panhala Fort. It is actually a smaller fort compared to the bigger one and is located on the northern portion, from where the sunset view is clearly visible. Read More »
  • Type: Fort
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Panhala Fort, Panhala
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Places to Visit in Panhala
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One of the major attractions located in the region of Panhala is the Panhala Fort that used to be a very important place in the Maratha Empire. This said to be the same spot where Raja Bhoj II extended his empire towards the fort. It is also said that the great Maratha ruler... Read More »
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Ambarkhana Fort, Panhala
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Places to Visit in Panhala
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Sajja Kothi, Panhala
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Places to Visit in Panhala
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  • Type: Cave
Parashar Caves, Panhala
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Places to Visit in Panhala
The 18th century Marathi poet by the name of Moropant is believed to have prepared most of his popular work in these Caves. These caves are said to be the place where great sages have lived and these very caves are said to be mentioned as pilgrim places in ancient Puranas. Read More »

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