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Shubham lk jain

Shubham lk jain

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A place for nature and heritage site lover

I am nature lover but I am heritage site lover too. I visited Pavagadh as the Pavagadh offers both the things. It is a little town near Vadodara, Gujarat. I have been there on last sunday. I found the place very rich by nature and by heritage property. Champaner-Pavagadh has an Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I loved the place. Pavagadh has a temple on a mountain and we can reach there by either using stairs or using cable car service. I had both the experiences. I went up by cable car and came down using stairs. The view from the top was really awesome.
If you are a heritage site lover and nature love too, I would recommend that place to you. Best time to visit Pavagadh is Monsoon because at that time you may find some waterfalls there.

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Kalyankumar Podicheti

Kalyankumar Podicheti5.0/5

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A trek, fun ride, holy site!

Being one of the 18 Shakthipeet of Parvathi, Pavagadh is well known for its holy destination. Along with the blessings of goddess, one gets a pack of joy. It took us around 2 hours to reach from my dad's office site. And we were terrified after seeing the temple at which hilltop we need to reach. Rope way gave us immense pleasure of skipping the steps route. That ride gives goosebumps and a clear view of nature around once the end of rope way reached, the twist was in front. We need to trek from there. It took an hour to reach the temple from where the view almost breath taking and worth of the climb. The greenery around the hill and the pond on the other hill top was a heavenly site to see. But the climb will definitely eats off your whole energy in your body. There were several hotels built along the way to rope way. We hopped in to one beside the end point of rope-way. It was open to the other side. The view of nature, birds flying over added a special ambience to the hotel. The food was really tasty and fresh. Well we were glad that he serves South Indian tiffins too. Don't miss to try Dosa there. And Gujarati special Dokhla. It will take a easy half day time and it is definitely worth it. Ushnakund (Hot water wells) and Ranchodrai (Lord Krishna) temple are nearest visiting places and to enjoy the ride. If you are going to Gujarat, Don't miss the chance of this package. As we say in Telugu, Punyam Purushartham;)

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Nice but ruined mosque  Video Review

Nice but ruined mosque

I am heading to Pavagadh

Pavagadh Overview

Pavagadh lies in the state of Gujarat, about 26 km from the city of Vadodra (formerly Baroda). It is a hill station which is also well known for a Mahakali Temple, which attracts a lot of pilgrims every year. The Pavagadh-Champaner Archaeological Park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

Pavagadh lies in the Panchmahal district, which is primarily a tribal area with Bhils being the dominant community. The region has received many special subsidies from the Government to encourage the development of the area. As a result, the towns of Halol and Kalol, which lie close to Pavagadh, have seen the setting up of many industrial units.

The Mahakali Temple is the main attraction of the region and holds special importance for both Hindus and Muslims. According to folklore, the temple was established after Goddess Sati’s right toe fell here. The temple is divided into two parts. The ground floor has the idol of Goddess Kali while the top floor has a Mazar, which holds religious significance for Muslims.

Not much is known is about the history of the town of Champaner, where Pavagadh lies. The Chauda Dynasty is said to have established the town in the 8th century AD. It was also Gujarat’s capital till 1536. The region is typical of stones which are yellowish in colour. Their colour resembles that of the Champaka flower, which gives the town its name.

The temple lies at the top of a hill and is connected by a ropeway, which is called the Maha Kali Udan Khatola. The journey by ropeway takes about 6 minutes. The temple can also be accessed on foot, which makes the journey an hour long.

Pavagadh lies at a height of 822 meters above sea level and has many trekking trails. It has many seasonal waterfalls which can be seen in full flow during the monsoon season.

The closest city to Pavagadh which has a railway station is Vadodra. It can be reached by road only and is served by buses from Vadodra which run at regular intervals.