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Shimla, also known as Simla, is a tourism paradise located in the midst of Himalayan cedars and pines at an altitude of 2,205 m above sea level. Known as the 'Queen of Hill Stations', the destination is spread over an area of 18 sq......Read more on Shimla

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Ridge, Shimla
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Places to Visit in 5 Shimla
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139 Ratings & 92 Reviews
Ridge is located in the core of the fascinating Shimla and offers a large open space. The beautiful region is full of lush vegetation and panoramic scenic beauty. The Ridge joins the Scandal Point and leads to Lakkar Bazaar on the east side. It has become a popular destination... Read More »
"Very beautiful place"4 weeks ago "Ridge"1 month ago
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Jakhu Temple, Shimla
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Places to Visit in 5 Shimla
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Jakhu Temple is a majestic temple and dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Situated on the top of the beautiful Jakhu hill at an altitude of 2455 meters above the sea level it is surrounded by forest. There are many monkeys around this temple but fortunately do not attack travelers. It... Read More »
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The Mall, Shimla
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Places to Visit in 5 Shimla
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The Mall at Shimla is the shopping centre of the capital city. The Mall Road stretching from Scandal Point to Oberoi Clark Hotel features establishments like restaurants, clubs, banks, bars, post offices and tourist centres. Visitors can take a stroll along this popular... Read More »
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Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla
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Places to Visit in 5 Shimla
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6.0 / 7 1
39 Ratings & 31 Reviews
The Indian Institute of Advanced Study was built during 1884-1888 during the British rule in India. Housed in Viceregal Lodge atop Observatory Hill, the premise is encircled by pine trees and gardens. Visitors can explore the entrance hall and gardens of the institution,... Read More »
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Christ Church, Shimla
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Places to Visit in 5 Shimla
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26 Ratings & 17 Reviews
Christ Church at the Ridge is the second oldest church in northern India constructed in 1846-1857. Designed by Colonel J. T. Boileau, the Church features a clock on the church tower that was put up in 1860. The porch along with the church was added in 1873. The church is... Read More »
"Good but crowded place!"Apr 21, 2017 "Church"Jan 28, 2017
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