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  • State: Gujarat
  • Famous for/as: Heritage
  • District: Porbandar
Porbandar is a coastal city situated in the Indian state of Gujarat and is popular worldwide as the birthplace of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi. It is also the administrative centre of Porbandar District.

Porbandar is rich in cultural heritage and celebrates numerous festivals and fairs throughout the year like Navaratri, Holi and many other traditional Hindu festivals. Out of these, Navaratri is the most enthusiastically celebrated festival in the area that lasts for around 10 days. The main language used by the people of Porbandar is Gujarati.

The history of this city is also associated with some legendary and popular names like Mahatma Gandhi, Savitaben Nanji Kalidas, Gulabdas, Sri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta, Sri Narottam Morarji, Sri Manekbhai Bhatia, and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The city is also rich in educational institutions out of which the most prominent ones are the Sandipani Vidhyaniketan, Arya Kanya Gurukul and the Maharshi Dayanand Science College.

The city of Porbandar had also witnessed the Harappan Settlement between the 16th  and 14th century B.C. and is also the birthplace of Sudama who was the friend of Lord Krishna. It was also a part of the princely states during the British rule. Porbandar was also an active centre of maritime activities in the past, due to the discovery of ancient jetties along the Porbandar creek.

The city also comprises many historic temples like the Kirti Mandir, Sudama Mandir, Bharat Mandir, Gita Mandir, Gayatri Mandir, Ram Dhoon Mandir and many others. There are also many other tourist attractions in the place like Sandipani Vidyaniketan, Bird Sanctuary, Rana Bapuís Mahal, Chowpati, Kamla Nehru park, Nehru Planetarium, etc.

Porbandar is also easy to access as it is well connected with other states by road, railway, as well as airlines. The road to the city is connected through National Highway 8B and National Highway 8E Ext. The Porbandar Railway Station also connects the city with major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, and others. There are also regular flights between Mumbai and Porbandar from the Porbandar Airport.

Porbandar experiences a temperate climate, which neither gets the city too heated in summers and the winters are also quite pleasant here. However, monsoon is quite unpredictable in the place. Porbandar experiences a large tourist turnover every year between the months of October and February.

Porbandar is one of the weekend getaway options for travelers living in Rajkot and Jamnagar.

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Pritvi Kanchi

  • Expert
  • Pritvi Kanchi
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 232 Reviews
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"A Trip to Porbandar"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Dec 9, 2016
I had been to Porbandar by road in the month of November 2016. Porbandar is a must-visit attraction in the tourism circuit of Gujarat. The must-visit attractions around Porbandar include the Porbandar Beach, Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kirti Mandir. The Huzur Palace is located very near to the Porbandar Beach which is a major tourist attraction here. The Beach is also called as Willingdon Marina Beach. Porbandar lies at the south-eastern shore of the Arabian sea. The Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from Porbandar and spread over an area measuring 192 square kilometers approximately. This wildlife sanctuary is home to a number of wild animals such as lion, deer, crocodile and chameleon. The Kirti Mandir is also known as the 'temple of fame'. This temple is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The foundation stone of this temple was laid way back in 1947. The Temple stands at an elevation of 79 feet.
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S. asokan

  • Scout
  • S. asokan
  • 1 photo
  • 9 Reviews
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  •  1171 readers

"Destination for a short visit"

  • 3.0/7
  • Posted Aug 26, 2016
This is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi known as Kirti Mandir.

The place is well maintained. Sudama Mandir is another tourist place where a mandir dedicated to Sudama with Krishna is available.

Hari mandir is a must visit place at Porbandar for its peace and calm surrounding and majestic building..
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  • Tourist
  • Hemangvora
  • 1 Review
  •  127 readers

"Great place to visit"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Aug 13, 2016
Here in Porbandar, there are great places to view like Chowpatty, Shree Hari Mandir, Shree Kirti Mandir, Maharaja's Palace, and many other items related to this. My personal review to you all please visit Porbandar, it's a great place to visit. There are many food and shopping stuff too.
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Kiran sood Sood

  • Scout
  • Kiran sood Sood
  • Lives in Dehradun
  • 28 photos
  • 63 Reviews
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  •  73896 readers

"Gandhi's Footprints to be followed"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Apr 7, 2016
Gandhi's birthplace is sacred, no doubt. I went to feel the space where he spent his formative years. Wonder how values were taught to this Young man. There is peaceful atmosphere inside the premises but lane leading to this house is like any of common paths. The statue of Mahatama at intersection is covered with web of various kinds of wires. While I was thinking of writing to authorities to free Mahatama from this web, one of our friend's husband was shocked to find that his newly bought pair of shoes are missing from the entry point. We wasted time on futile exercise to find her expensive shoes. Wish that people living in vicinity today may follow footprints of Mahatama and no one else ever be victim of theft. May triumph of truth prevail always, everywhere and especially in Porbandar. I was lost thinking of historical moments while looking at salt -beds by the road side. Roads are really well maintained and am impressed by courtesy driving throughout Gujarat. Wonder the seeds of non violence are deeply ingrained in cultural values even today.
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Sreekala M

  • Scout
  • Sreekala M
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 19 photos
  • 4 Reviews
  •  2530 readers

"Famous for its bird sanctuary"

  • 4.0/7
  • Posted Jan 12, 2016
Porbandar Gandhiji's birthplace is also famous for its bird sanctuary. Visit this at day time or by evening, many migrating birds come here during winter including Flamingoes, it's calm and quiet place. Not much locals know about this place.
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Vijay Khunti

  • Tourist
  • Vijay Khunti
  • Lives in Rajkot
  • 3 Reviews
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  •  252 readers

"Superb place to visit"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Dec 28, 2015
Porbandar is a very good place to visit. There are so many place to see like Kirti mandir, Gandhiji's home and Chopati. Among all this Chopati is my favorite. It has lovely beach and very peaceful place. We all must visit Porbandar at least once.
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Raj  Maheta

  • Scout
  • Raj Maheta
  • Lives in Rajkot
  • 1 photo
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  482 readers

"Best holiday trip for couple on beach"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Dec 26, 2015
It's a really nice to have very long trip in Porbandar and visit a different places therein, the main attraction is beach view and swimming site available there. Also many other historical religious places there and also economic staying facilities available.
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Kano Patel

  • Scout
  • Kano Patel
  • Lives in Ahmedabad
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  313 readers

"The best holy and historical place for people who like history"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Dec 24, 2015
This is the awesome holy and heritage place I ever had visited. This is the city where mahatma Gandhi had born and his place where he lived there is so many history related to it. In my vacation I always try to visit this place and near to this place there is one place which is Dwarka where Shri Krishna had lived and there is so many place related to it present I suggest you to visit this place for once definitely you like it.
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Sanjay Kotia

  • Scout
  • Sanjay Kotia
  • 3 Reviews
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  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Dec 17, 2015
Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi is the place where one must visit to find the culture and heritage. Also Sudama temple is of a best friend to lord Krishna. and many places around. Beach is also a place to get fresh and Chowpatty to get family a breeze of ocean. Many other places to see in Porbandar are Geeta mandir, Gayatri mandir, Saurastra cement factory, Bird sanctuary, and many places to find the food. Tasty and delicious pavbhaji is available at Chamunda pav bhaji.
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Pritesh Mehta

  • Guru
  • Pritesh Mehta
  • Lives in Baroda
  • 53 photos
  • 503 Reviews
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  •  314155 readers

"Porbandar-Awesome place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Nov 16, 2015
This porbandar is the most important land of India because Our national father Mahatma Gandhi born place. The porbandar is a big city. There are many temples. But main attraction of porbandar is Mahatma Gandhi's home. Bapu home is very big but their room is very small and very old type constructed. There are one side library and exhibition hall. There are executed all things of bapu and there wrote letter. There back side Kasturba home. Currently there home front side big photo of Mahatma Gandhi and many more picture of Bapu. It is one of one our national father home.
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