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Avijit Khan5.0/5

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Excellent if you are willing to get back to the inner root of us ...

Its always being a refreshing and stress busting experiences for me as we are going to lose the real flavour of rural India and the beauty and innocence of the place and their people, so grab it as many as can before they do also get urbanised like other chaotic cities with "no heart and more brain" philosophy.
I think place like Purulia and many other in north Bengal as well do bring me back on track when I am being derailed by the insensitive and self centered people around us in every day in our life.

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Hotel hill View5.0/5

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Good destination

Western highlands experience a dry summer like northern India, with the highest day temperature ranging from 38 °C (100 to 45 °C (113. [1] At nights, a cool southerly breeze carries moisture from the Bay of Bengal bringing relief to the people. The rising temperature results in the formation of low pressure troughs in the parts of the state during April-May. These troughs attract winds from the north-west and cyclonic storms and rainfall along with thunderstorms often occurs; these are known in West Bengal as Kalbaisakhi, or Nor'westers, often occur. [
The rainy season stretches from July to the end of September. During this period, the South-West Monsoons pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and blow over the state. Most of the annual average rainfall of 175 cm about 125 cm occurs during this period. Heavy rainfall of above 250 cm is observed in the Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar and Cooch Behar district. Later, blowing westwards, the winds cause average rainfall of 125 cm in the northern plains and western plateau region. During the arrival of the monsoons, low pressure in the Bay of Bengal region often leads to the occurrence of storms in the coastal areas.

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Amazing Sahab Bandh Near Purulia Town

Joychandi Pahar

Joychandi Pahar

Murguma Dam


I am heading to Purulia

Purulia Overview

Purulia is a tropical district of West Bengal, which lies in the westernmost region of the state. Spread over an area of 6,259 sq km, the district shares its boundary with Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Bardhaman, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Ranchi, West Singhbhum and East Singhbhum districts. This westernmost district of West Bengal provides access to the industrial belts of West Bengal.

Purulia is identified as one of the 16 Mahajanapadas in the Jaina Bhagavati-Sutra of circa 5th century AD. Besides, the region was a part of Vajra-bhumi in ancient times. After obtaining Diwani of Bengal, the Jungle Mahals District was formed in 1805 as per Regulation XVIIII.

The district was bifurcated in 1833, called Manbhum, the headquarters of which was transferred to Purulia in 1838. Later in 1956, the Manbhum District was partitioned as per the States Reorganisation Act and West Bengal (Transfer of Territories) Act 1956, during which Purulia District was formed.

Over the years, the district has become a popular tourist destination surrounded by the forests of Ayodhya, Matha and Kuilapal. The prominent attractions of the district are the tribal habitat in Ajodhya Hills and the heritage testaments like Panchakot Raj Place.

The spiritual centres such as Sharisha Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and Dharmaraj Temple are situated in the vicinity of the district headquarters. Adventure enthusiasts have an opportunity to trek on the range of Matha, Pakhi Pahar and Joychandi Pahar.

Biswa Karma Puja, Christmas, Durga Puja, Id - Ul - Fitr, Kali Puja, Laxmi Puja and Saraswati Puja are some of the festivals celebrated throughout the district. The famous folk dance of the destination is Chhou which is accompanied with the beats of dhol and dhumsaa. Jhumur song is the popular folk song of Purulia. Shiva and Shakti are the foremost deities worshipped in the religious rituals.

Purulia is located in proximity to Kolkata. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata serves as the nearest airport to the destination. Trains are available from Howrah Railway Station to the destination. Moreover, state and private buses render services from various cities of the country.

As the summer months are extremely hot and humid, the ideal time to visit Purulia is between October and March. The weather during these months is cool and pleasant for exploring the destination.