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Meghasyam Rauthula

Meghasyam Rauthularatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

Perfect for anyone to watch a beautiful place with river Godavari

Rajahmundry is an important pilgrimage destination with a number of temples on the bank of the river Godavari. Rajahmundry also plays host to Pushkaram, the sacred festival that comes every 12 years. The festival lasts for 12 days and devotees flock from all over India to take a dip in the holy river.

The biggest attraction in Rajahmundry is the river Godavari.

Nearby places to must visit are
1. Papi Kondalu: A tourist spot, good to travel by boat for watching nature beauties. The lush green surroundings and the spectacular waterfalls make this an ideal from other picnic spot.
2. Pattiseema : Another natural beauty to watch near by rajahmundry. Owing to its visually attractive surroundings, the spot is a popular with film makers and many Telugu movies have been shot here.
3. Maredumilli : It is an thick dense forest with waterfalls and resorts, lovely to go.

Local food & Shopping:

The biggest shopping road near to river Godavari is called Kotagummam. which is an busy always and gives you pleasure of shopping.
Must eat food when went to Rajahmundry are
1. Mango pickle (aavakaaya)
2. Street-corner carts selling mirchi bhajji and masala carts (a mixture of onions and toasted rice).
3. Pootharekulu is sweet made of thin sugar wafers.
4. The Godavari fish known as 'Pulasa'
5. Mango varieties like banginapalli, rasaalu and kothaplli kobbari
6. Banana variety chakkarakeli
7. Bongu Chicken at Maredumilli.

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Santosh Kapil

Santosh Kapilratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

Historical city Rajahmundry

Nice place in Andra Pradesh, river Godavari is famous and also it has lot of temples near to Godavari. Cotton barrage is special extraction and most of the places near to Rajahmundry is give more information about ancient times of India. Temples near to Rajahmundry, Iskon temple, Markandeya temple, Venu gopal temple, Somalamma temple, Astalakshmi temple, Lakshmi Narasimha temple.