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  • State: Bihar
  • Famous for/as: Heritage
The town of Rajgir is situated about 15 km from Nalanda in the state of Bihar. The town gained prominence as a tourist spot owing to the number of temples and monasteries it houses. Geographically, Rajgir is located within a valley and is surrounded by lush green forests.

Rajgir was the capital of the Magadh Mahajanpad (State) when Patliputra was not formed. In those days it was called Rajgrih. Rajgir or Rajgrih means ‘the home of Royalty’. This place has been associated with Lord Buddha and Buddhism. Buddha spent many years in Rajgir. The Jivekarmavan monastery was the preferred residence of the Buddha. Even Bimbisar gave Venuvan Vihar to Buddha for his residence.

It is said that it was at Rajgir that physicians treated Buddha after his injury at the hands of his cousin Devdatta. The teachings of Buddha were penned in Rajgir and it was also the venue for the first Buddhist Council. This is why Rajgir is a place of tremendous importance among Buddhists.

There are also some beautiful Hindu and Jain temples in the town of Rajgir. Owing to the warm water ponds prevalent in this area, numerous people come here for health reasons as well.  These ponds are said to contain some medicinal properties which help in curing many skin diseases.

The Saptparni cave is the source of the Rajgir Hot Water Springs that are known to have curative properties and are sacred to the Hindus and Buddhists. Another attraction of the region is the ropeway that leads uphill to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa (one of the 80 Peace Pagodas in the world) and the monasteries built by Japanese devotees of the Buddha on top of the Ratnagiri Hills.

The Venu Vana is an artificial forest, where one can enjoy eternal peace and meditate. Other tourist attractions are Bimbisar's Jail, Ajatshatru's Fort and Jarasandh's Akhara.

The city of Patna, capital of Bihar, is the access point for travelling to Rajgir. The Patna Airport is the nearest airport from where one can connect by train to Rajgir. There are buses and taxis also available from Patna to Rajgir.

The temperature in the summer season, from April to June, ranges from a maximum of 40° Celsius to a minimum of 20° Celsius. In winters, it ranges from 28° Celsius to 6° Celsius. The rainy season is from mid-June to September. October and March are relatively pleasant and dry months and are the best times to visit Rajgir.
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Nikita Kumari
  • Nikita Kumari
  • 4 Reviews

"Attractive place for history lovers"

  • 6/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Rajgir is one of the best place to visit but in winter. It attracts the history lover. There is lot of thing to know and its interesting. It also attracts Buddhism. Lot of people visiting here from China
and lastly in little money you can enjoy much.
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  • 7 votes

Anurag Prabhakar
  • Anurag Prabhakar
  • Lives in Indore
  • 11 Reviews

"Fabulous weather in the month of december"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Nov 20, 2014
Visiting Rajgir was one of my best experience I have ever had. Specially the weather in the month of december was the much beautiful. The main place to visit in rajgir is the vishwa shanti stupa at peak of the mountain. The hot water stream present in the city is also a place that people must visit. The city itself is beautiful.
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  • 9 votes

Raaz Rezler
  • Raaz Rezler
  • 1 Review

"Very good place for travellers."

  • 6/7
  • Posted Sep 27, 2014
Last month I have visited Rajgir which is located in Nalanda district of Bihar state. In Rajgir I have seen forest and Shanti Stup, which is considered very important for Buddhism. This is an important place of tourism of Bihar. I have also visited the different Kundas. There was seven different Kundas, I have bath in all the Kundas. The water of last Kunda was too hot. There I have also saw a lot of monkeys. This place is religious and wildlife is also incredible there.
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  • 15 votes

Jitendra Singh
  • Jitendra Singh
  • Lives in Rajgir
  • 4 Reviews

"God place for couples"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Sep 25, 2014
This is best experience of my life, because I visit this place with my love. This is best for natural seen & mountain climate. This place is peaceful. I visit this place on Nov-13. It was a good time for visit, because lot of green scenario teamed up with the mountain climate. Over all I enjoy this place with my love.
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  • 11 votes

Anshuman Choubey
  • Anshuman Choubey
  • Lives in Bihar Sharif
  • 1 Review

"A religious place"

  • 5/7
  • Posted Sep 24, 2014
Rajgir is a nice place for a religious visit with sightseeing. Hot water spring is main attraction. There are many places nearby to visit. One can visit Nalanda and pawapuri. This place is also focused with Buddhist visitors. Good hotels are available here.
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  • 18 votes

Kavindra Kumar
  • Kavindra Kumar
  • Lives in Bihar Sharif
  • 1 Review

"Rajgir: a winter destination for refreshment"

  • 5/7
  • Posted Sep 4, 2014
Rajgir or Rajgrih(old name) is a small beautiful town located in Nalanda district in Bihar about 100 km from Patna, surrounded by 7 hills and having a history of more than 2500 years. It is nice place to visit during winters. It had been the capital city of Magadh ruled by Jarasandh in the Mahabharata period. Later, it became the capital of Mauryan Empire. The main tourist attractions are Bimbisara Jail, Son Bhandar (gold deposit), Jaiprakash Pushp Vihar (flower garden), Venu Van, Griddhakut mountain(where Gautam Buddha used to deliver sermon), Vishwa Shanti Stupa (peace pagoda) and Virayatan Museum. The main attraction here is the hot water springs. A number of other tourist attractions are here such as Jarasandh akhara, Jain temple, Japanese temple, Satparni cave (where first Buddhist council was held). In the vicinity of it, other religious and world heritage sites are located such as Pawapuri (world ffamous Jaina temple 20 km), the ruins of ancient Nalanda university(17 km) Bodh gaya (approximately 60 km). Rajgir is well connected with Patna and Gaya with a number of trains and buses. there is a daily train from new delhi to rajgir(Shramjeevi express). Patna and Gaya have international airports.
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Kingshuk Mazumder
  • Kingshuk Mazumder
  • Lives in Durgapur
  • 8 photos
  • 3 Reviews

"Relaxing at Rajgir"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Nov 7, 2013
This was my second visit to Rajgir, the other being in 2008 October.. The speciality of this place is the serenity, and secluded environment that it offers to tourist (not all places in the town though).
I must say, however, that by it's own standards the town is pretty expensive- the hotels especially.. But still, it's worth it. Be it the ropeway journey to the Jain temples on the hill in the evening, or Bimbisara's prison (where he was imprisoned by his son Ajatshatru), or be it the chariot marks (from Mahabharata era), or the Hanuman Kund (hot spring), and the cave paintings, this place is a perfect short winter destination..
Food is not up to the mark though, in all places, you have to be very choosy..
Don't miss the Pawan Puri temple on the way to Nalanda or Bodh Gaya, if you are travelling by road.
Travelling by road will be best for tourists from West Bengal, though trains are available from Howrah.
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Shouvik chowdhury
  • Shouvik chowdhury
  • Forester
  • 28 photos
  • 25 Reviews

"beautiful short tour"

  • Posted Jun 10, 2013
Beautiful,calm,one of my favourite place. Nature & history lying together ancient nalanda ruins & museum reminds of golden past. gridhakut hill of buddha's meditation site. bimbisar jail,ajatshatru fort,swarna bhander cave of asoka's era. jain veerayatan museum, park,natural hot spring, charming ropeway to vishwa shanti stupa surronding 7 hills grand trip

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: small but good town.various food available. famous 'khaja'of silao,rajgir. no specific shopping. many hotels available for stay

Activities & things to do: Rajgir,the old rajgriha once capital of maghad. well linked to gautam buddha,king asoka,mahabharata. lovely hills,greenery, ropeway, old maniyar math,mysterious swarn bhander cave,pippali cave.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: connected by train to delhi,patna,varanasi,kolkata. better to go by bus/car form bakhtiyarpur/patna. stay at least 2days. local sight seeing by horse pulled tanga. may visit nearby pawapuri,kakolat falls,gaya/bodhgaya
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  • 11 votes

Vijay kumar Singh
  • Vijay kumar Singh
  • Lives in Patna
  • 2 Reviews

"Rajgir Tour"

  • Posted Mar 27, 2013
it was a good tour. the rope-way to shanti stoop is very good.other destination like ghora katora lake is in process of development.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: food was alright. sight movement was done by my own car.

Activities & things to do: not much activity.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: it is about 100km from patna.
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  • 9 votes

Sudip Bose
  • Sudip Bose
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 1 Review

"Weekend in Buddhist Culture"

  • Posted Mar 2, 2013
A good healthy place for weekend. And also economical tour with homely atmosphere and rural culture of our country

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Veg & non veg food are available in some restaurants. Shantistup in the top of the hill. Buy mast Khaja -sweet

Activities & things to do: To bath in hot spring water & visit all the local spot by Tonga.( Horse car )

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Hired car from Patna/Baktiarpur Railway station. 2/2.30 hrs journey.
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