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Pranav Gandhi

Pranav Gandhi5.0/5

4 reviews

Excellent for first time trekkers!

Trek is simple but beginners may find it difficult. It is best for photography enthusiast. Lot to click. In Monsoon you can get to witness lot of waterfalls adding cherry on the cake. To keep yourself hydrated take sufficient water and food, sneakers etc and sun screen if not going in monsoon.

Varun Kulkarni

Varun Kulkarni3.6/5

26 reviews

Nature's Delight

Rajmachi is located near khandala & one can go to it through lonavla and khandala. I would suggest people take the route through Lonavala via tungarli dam. This route gives you an off roading experience. This route should be taken in monsoon which makes it more enjoyable & dangerous also, but it is worth an experience. Rajmachi is a fort with a lake at its base. Best enjoyable during monsoons.

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Nice place to visit  Video Review

Nice place to visit

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Rajmachi Point Road View

Rajmachi Overview

Rajmachi is a hilly area full of waterfalls, streams and lush greenery, situated in the state of Maharasthra, to the north-west of the famous hill station Lonavala. The area has a considerable height and overlooks the Bhor Ghat and Ulhas Valley. It is a popular destination, especially among trekkers, because the journey to Rajmachi through the Tungarli Lake from Lonavala has some beautiful scenery.

The places of interest in Rajmachi include the Walwan village, a tranquil village at the base of the twin hills in Rajmachi. It’s at a distance of 10 km from Lonavala. The Udhewadi village, famous for its traditional Maharashtrian cuisine, is located on the plateau (at a height of 700 metres), at the base of the twin peaks.

The Shreevardhan and Manoranjan peaks are other attractions. The Shreevardhan Peak is the taller of the two, with a height of 130 m from the plateau. This peak can be climbed from the Udhewadi village in 30 minutes. The Manoranjan Peak, at a height of 80 m from the plateau, can also be reached from the Udhewadi village.

Manoranjan is famous for its strong walls and water tanks. There is a temple between these two peaks, often used as a refuge by trekkers climbing the peaks. The temple offers a view of the country side, as well as the ruins of many forts, water tanks and water falls. There are four ancient Buddhist caves at the base of the Twin peaks that are also visited by most people.

Getting to Rajmachi is easy. By air, the nearest airport is Mumbai from where taxis are available to Rajmachi. By rail, the closest station to Rajmachi is Lonavala station, which is well connected to Mumbai.

Monsoons (June to August) are considered the best time to visit Rajmachi as the entire area has waterfalls gliding through the rocks and plants and these lush surroundings cannot be experienced at any other time of the year.

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