Rameshwaram Tourism

Rameshwaram Tourism

Rameshwaram Info

  • State: Tamil Nadu
  • Famous for/as: Pilgrimage
  • Altitude: 10 m
  • Pincode: 623001
  • District: Ramanathapuram
  • Language: Tamil
  • STD code: 04573
  • Weather: Summer 25 to 38°C, Winter 17 to 32°C

Rameshwaram is a town in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram is a bustling pilgrim centre as it is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. One among the Char Dham pilgrimages, Rameshwaram is visited by hordes of pilgrims all round the year.

Rameshwaram is located on the Pamban Island, or Rameshwaram Island, which lies at the very tip of the Indian peninsula, in the Gulf of Mannar. Pamban Island, which is separated from the mainland of India by the Pamban Channel, is connected to the mainland by the Pamban Bridge or Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge. Pamban Island is at a distance of about 40 km from Mannar Island of Sri Lanka.

Rameshwaram is a popular pilgrimage destination of both Shaivites and Vaishnavaites. As per Hindu Mythology, a pilgrimage to Benares has to be followed with a trip to Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. Known also as Benares of the South, Rameshwaram has one of the 12 Jyothirlingas of Lord Shiva.

The island of Rameshwaram is conch shaped with an area of about 61.8 sq. km. Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple occupies most of the area of Rameshwaram Island. Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple stands as an epitome of Dravidian architectural style of the medieval ages.

History of Rameshwaram

As per legends, the original Ramanathaswamy Temple was built by Rama. As per historical facts, the origin of the temple can be dated back to the 12th century. The construction of the colossal, yet magnificent temple of Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple was initiated by Parakrama Bahu of Sri Lanka in the 12th century AD and it was completed by the Setupathy rulers of Ramanathapuram. 

Many rulers down the centuries added many constructions to the temple, the latest of them being the long corridor called the 3rd prakaram, built in the 18th century. The temple is one of the many highlights of Rameshwaram tourism. 

Things to do in Rameshwaram

Besides being a pilgrimage destination, Rameshwaram is a popular beach destination as well. The shallow beaches of Rameshwaram characteristically have fewer waves that rise to a maximum height of 3 cm. The best time to visit Rameshwaram is from January to March. As Rameshwaram is a pilgrimage hotspot, tourists can also opt for Rameshwaram holiday packages to plan their holiday better. 

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agnitheertham, Gandamadana Parvatham, Dhanushkodi, Kothandaraswamy Temple and Erwadi are the popular and the most visited pilgrimage attractions of Rameshwaram. Tourists also visit nearby attractions like Ramanathapuram, Tirupullani, Uthirakosamangai, Sethu, etc. on their trip to the Island of Rameshwaram.

Shopping in Rameshwaram

Besides, wonderful handicraft items have attracted foreign tourists as well to Rameshwaram. The markets in Rameshwaram have avenue shops selling exotic decorative masterpieces, which are very popular. Many shops near the temple of Rameshwaram sell exquisite showpieces made of seashells, beads, palm leafs, etc.

Travelling to Rameshwaram

The nearest airport to Rameshwaram is at Madurai, which is located at a distance of 163 km. The airport is well connected to many cities including Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore. Taxi services are also available from the airport to Rameshwaram.

Rameshwaram or Mandapan Railway Station is only 2 km away and is well connected by rail to major cities of Tamil Nadu Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Thanjavur and Trichy.

Tamil Nadu Road Transport Corporation has bus services that connect Rameshwaram with all cities in Tamil Nadu, which includes Kanyakumari, Madurai, Trichy and Thanjavur. Also available are deluxe super fast buses, connecting Chennai and Bangalore to reach Rameshwaram

Accommodation options in Rameshwaram

For budget conscious tourists, there are many budget hotels in Rameshwaram. Also, other hotel options in Rameshwaram include guesthouses, lodges and hostels. 

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Rameshwaram Traveller Reviews

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Raghavendran Rao
  • Raghavendran Rao
  • Lives in Chennai
  • 3 Reviews

"A memorable experience" new review

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted 2 weeks ago
Wonderful to be in this holy city on any day. Especially during the non-festival days. Its a boon to walk around the temple premises in a relaxed manner after taking a bath in the waveless ocean. Then a tour around the temple to have 22 kund bath. Go around the temple & have a great darshan of Ramanadha swamy without any hurry. Nowhere in big temples, you are allowed to have such a peaceful & clear darshan. After that, hire a taxi for a 5 hr nearby places tour which can be guided by the local taxi drivers. If time permits, must not miss Danushkoti. A must view place which was completely devastated by 1966 tsunami. Altogether a most memorable experience you will have at the end. Go for atleast 2 days tour.
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  • 9 votes

Nitin Talwani
  • Nitin Talwani
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 6 Reviews

"Peace Island"

  • 7/7
  • Posted 1 month ago
It had been very great to visit rameshwaram with friends. Rameshwaram has number of temples to visit. There is also Pamban bridge where I saw bridge over sea. We stayed there for 30-40 mins and enjoyed too much there. Ram padam is also very nice temple at height to visit, from there you can see overview of Rameshwaram and Seashore. When we were there, Sun Rays were touching the skin of Water in sea shore, It was so amazing scene to enjoy and take number of photographs.
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  • 15 votes

Nish Shah
  • Nish Shah
  • 11 Reviews

"Place of Utmost Content!"

  • 6/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
A Holy Divine Place of Must Visit. Holds lot of value and blessing. Has around 1000 pillars and 22 wells where one must take a dip before visiting the temple at a nominal charge. Very huge temple, 3 rs will easily go by. Do come with spare change of dress in a plastic for you'll have to change after taking the dip in the well. You can enter the place of worship in wet clothes. So change of dress is a must, also leave all gadgets and camera and anything else in the car or hotel. Nothing is allowed inside. Entry is not allowed otherwise.
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  • 16 votes

Sai pavan Polisetty
  • Sai pavan Polisetty
  • Lives in Guntur
  • 2 Reviews

"A city with good temples and beaches"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Lord shiva temple in rameswaram has a very big corridor. A visit to haunted island DANUSHKODI is an awesome experience. Very beautiful place with colourful sea water. Danushkodi is a haunted place, only some fishermen with their families will be living there. The beach was scenic, calm and pleasant place to relax.
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  • 19 votes

Pratik Jena
  • Pratik Jena
  • Lives in Cuttack
  • 3 photos
  • 10 Reviews

"A spiritual place"

  • 5/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Hotel tamil nadu is the place to stay. Good location. Rameswaram temple is also very beautiful. But be careful when you are going for sight seeing in a city ride because they won't take you to famous sight seeing sights like dhanuskodi. Don't forget to take bath in 22 wells inside the ramanathaswamy temple. Also watch the mani of lord shiva early in the morning around 4:30am.
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  • 15 votes

Paras Bhatia
  • Paras Bhatia
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 22 photos
  • 15 Reviews

"Perfect for religious travellers"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted 3 months ago
Must visit if you are religious traveler or interested in Hinduism. The temple is work of art magnificent yet surprisingly simple. The temple has 22 wells which one needs to visit & take bath in water from each well before praying. These wells are each designated to a different teerth. You must also take Dhanushkodi trip & visit vibhishan temple & ghost town on the way. Food is south indian however restaurants do offer north indian cuisines.

Not much to do for shoppers. If you want you can buy ganesh idols made from coconut at ghost town. If you are visiting for the first time, do take a guide for temple as he will explain importance of each well in temple & also be of help overcome language barrier. Darshan is free and for VIP darshan the fee is Rs.25 per person. Visit after 3pm to avoid rush.
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  • 17 votes

K prem Kumar
  • K prem Kumar
  • Lives in Madurai
  • 1 Review

"A nice place to visit"

  • 6/7
  • Posted Dec 10, 2014
It's is a nice place to see in the end of tamilnadu island. Lot of places where say about the god rama, seetha, hanuman and lakshmanan. The temple is situated around the sea area. Boating facilities also made it from the government. On the way dhanuskodi is the most important place to see the arichal munai this is the end place of sea shore. To see the old railway station, pamban bridge is made out from our engineers talent.
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  • 20 votes

Gokul Ram
  • Gokul Ram
  • Lives in Coimbatore
  • 2 Reviews

"A city with good sightseeing spots"

  • 7/7
  • Posted Dec 7, 2014
All of them must visit Rameshwaram because we can see lot's of temples which are one of the beautiful sights in India. The art works present in the temple are really great and excellent. It is one of the good destination for the tourists. Pamban bridge, lord shiva's temple, sea shores and lot of tourists locations are there in Rameshwaram.
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  • 15 votes

Girija Shankar
  • Girija Shankar
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Thiruvananthapuram
  • 5 photos
  • 3 Reviews

"Pilgrimage centre in Tamil Nadu"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Nov 22, 2014
Rameshwaram is a must visit destination for Hindus. Mainly to perform obsequies for the departed souls of the family and to atone for sins committed knowingly or unknowingly, by ablution with the waters of the twenty two teethes [holly springs] located inside the temple complex. It is indeed surprising that the teethes taste differently and that the temperature of each well varies. The road as we drove from Tiruvananthapuram to Rameshwaram appeared to be well laid sparsely populated and the traffic quite thin. Clean eateries along the entire stretch of nearly five hundred km are few and far between. There are a number of hotels in the temple town offering the usual standards one normally associates with any pilgrimage centre. We were lucky enough to stay in a guest house so generously offered by a friend.

The temple a mammoth structure boasting the longest corridor in the world and one of the oldest of the south. Lord Siva the destroyer of the Hindu triumvirate, resplendent in all his glory is the presiding Deity and is surrounded by a number of sub deities of the Hindu divine hierarchy. The temple and its precincts are maintained clean and the crowd organized so sensibly inspire of the heavy rush, that we couldn't help praising the temple administration in our minds. As in all temples of the state of Tamil Nadu, piety comes at a cost. God can be reached through different conduits depending on the paying capacity of the devotee. Our next destination was Dhanushkodi a promontory jutting into the sea and barely eighteen km from Sri Lanka as the crow flies. This in fact was the main town connected by rail and road from Chennai. But the massive cyclone of 1964 while permanently inundating a major portion of the land mass also destroyed most of the facilities like the school, the post office, Railway Station, church and all the houses and other buildings which once dotted this now desolate landscape. What remains is only a caricature of crumbling edifices which posterity does not yet appear to willingly let die. It is today inhabited by a few nomadic fishermen and those carrying out a brisk but clandestine trade with Sri Lanka under the cover of darkness. The place is now barely accessible by all-wheel drive vehicles if you can brave the jostling and the discomfort.

We were also invited to visit the research facility of the Central marine fisheries institute which is doing a lot of pioneering work in trying to raise Indian fisheries to universal standards. We were taken around their marine aquarium where a variety of colourful fish and other organisms vie for attention. For the first time in my life I could experience cage fisheries and see vats and vats of fingerlings being readied for distribution to farmers. Their Marin museum is out of this world. We started on our long return drive back to Trivandrum on the 21st. stopping only for food on the way and also taking a slight detour to visit the famous Meenkshi Temple of Madurai, which again is a marvel in stone with very few parallels. But more of it later as i really have to run now.
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  • 18 votes

Sk Sha
  • Sk Sha
  • 4 Reviews

"A beautiful place"

  • 7/7
  • Posted Oct 14, 2014
I love this place very much. This place is very beautiful. Almost all the Indians love this place. I went there two months. ago. I saw to this place Ramar Palam, Pampam Palam, Rameswaram temple, Ramar theertham & many more place. This is really a very beautiful place.
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  • 16 votes

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