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Kishore Sinha

Kishore Sinha5.0/5

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Quiet, Scenic, cool place just 25 km from Nainital.

Ramgarh is a quite scenic place in the Himalayas, just 25 km from Nainital and almost the same altitude ie 6000 ft from sea level. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam [ 45km nearest airport is Pant Nagar [ 70 km ]. You take a cab and travel by road, via Bhimtal and Then Bhowali. There is road connecting Bhowali and Nainital.
There are plenty of places to stay at this not so crowded place in summer. There are Hotels like Cedar Lodge, and independent Cottages like Artist Cottage. V resorts, Neemrana are other places. The place is surrounded by pine trees.
Making base at Ramgarh, you can visit Mukteshawar, Nathua Khan, Bhowali, Nainital and many other spots. Mukteshwar has many activities like hiking etc. Plenty of walks and bird watching. Chirping birds will replace the sounds of hooting horns of cars. Relax and enjoy. When I stayed at the beautiful Self catering two bedroom Artist cottage, no fans were needed in March 2017.

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  • Quiet, Scenic, cool place just 25 km from Nainital.
  • Quiet, Scenic, cool place just 25 km from Nainital.
  • Quiet, Scenic, cool place just 25 km from Nainital.

Aarti Razdan

Aarti Razdan5.0/5

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Budget Holiday and Cool Peaceful Retreat

Why should one Visit Ramgarh
You should visit Ramgarh if you want a cool retreat as I mentioned in the title. (We stayed in Kumau Mandala Resort so it was stardard and affordable) Ramgarh is small place, really quiet and peaceful, gives you view of Himalayan Range and keeps you pleasant in off season.
If you are a writer and nature lover you will love it here.
Alternatively if you want to relax with your life partner, and you are just seeking a quiet peaceful change in a resort and a lot of walking opportunity then Ramgarh is the place for you.
I honestly enjoyed the peace the place offered. Just sitting together and eating is so much joy here ...
Which are the must visit places?
Well we stayed here for one day and one night. And then in the morning went off driving to Nainital. I guess a one or two hour beautiful drive.
What kind of activities kept us busy?
Well ... Watching the himalayan range from our hotel room.
Spending time in the resort garden ..

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  • Budget Holiday and Cool Peaceful Retreat
  • Budget Holiday and Cool Peaceful Retreat

I am heading to Ramgarh

Ramgarh Overview

Ramgarh is one of the cultural cities of India, situated in the north east of Jaipur. It is at a distance of 25km from Jaipur. Situated at 1789 meters above the sea level, this place is a popular hill station in the northern India. Ramgarh has an arsenal which has a great regal history. This place was found by the Poddar family in 1971.

Ramgarh is located besides the Kosi River that makes the city more attractive. This has significantly added in the economic resource, by offering fishermen of the area a great means of livelihood.

Ramgarh attracts many visitors from not just India, but abroad to witness a place that exhibits Indian culture combined with the beauty of a hill station.

Ramgarh is also rich in its history and ranked as one of the most ancient cities in India. The many antiques which are on display and sale at various stores are a true exemplification of the rich past of Ramgarh. The old culture of this city can be witnessed through these pieces that have lived through time.

Most of the houses at Ramgarh look old as they are made from gravel. These abodes are a true representation of the glorious culture, tradition or heritage of Ramgarh. As this city was founded by the Podders, there are many signs of the Chattris which contain murals mostly in blue and maroon colors.

Ganga temple is yet another great invention constructed by the rich podders that still attract the visitors. Other temples like Shani temple, which was built by the Khemka family. Temples like Hanuman temple and Kaun Mandir makes to the temples list of Ramgarh.

Fishing trend is also seen popularly in Ramgarh Lake and besides this lake there are many polo grounds. One of the polo grounds, which lie between the Ramgarh Lake and Arawalli hills, is considered to be the most popular polo ground. The weather is normally 20o to 30o, but it can even get harsh and low as 2 degree.

There is so much to see in Ramgarh.

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