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Cozy little ethereal place

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Srinivas Thummalapalli

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  • Srinivas Thummalapalli
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"Cozy little ethereal place"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Mar 8, 2011
Guruvayur is by far one of the most celebrated and revered soulful destinations of Hindus in general and Vaishnavites in specific. Its called as Bhooloka Vaikunta( though several such competing places are up and eulogised in Puranas).
Whole of the town is sprawling around the main temple ie of Guruvayurappan; Primarily at East Nada street. Some business establishments are placed on West Nada street as well...
Its a place of immense mythological and spiritual for for locales and visitors alike. The presidint deity is Purnaavatar of Mahavishnu manifested in Kaliyug.
But for the string of hotels, joints and town specific kirana shops/establishments around the temple, there is not much to visit; Ofcourse the town also hosts several other famous temples such as Mammiyoor temple of Lord Shiva( that is supposed to be visited to make a complete piligrimaje after visiting the presiding deity at main temple).

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: For food: Ramakrishna Hotel, Srikrishna Hotel, Saravana Bhavan( not that of Chennai speciality) are notable ones: all are on East Nada street. Perhaps folks from Karnataka can also try out at Hotel Dwaraka right infront of the main temple on western side , near chappal stand. It is supposed to be manned by Udupi Brahmins.

For stay: definitely by far the best one is Krishna Inn on East Nada street. Then may be Elite hotel or Kanoos...Bhasuri is equally good. Best part of Krishna Inn is its ability to maintain the service standards, ambience and quality of food over the last decade( since we have visited the place)

Activities & things to do: Visit to the temple: specially Nirmalya darshan at 3am. There may be crowd surging just before 3am. Its better to be in the line by 2:15am. Or visit the temple just after 3am, virtually there wouldnt be any rush.
Nirmalya darshan at 3 am is supposed to be very auspicious as the Lord is yet to be bathed and changed after the last rituals are carried out by Devas , at earlier day.

Mammiyar temple is by far better in its construction, maintenance and information availability. Punnathoor Kota ( Elephant Sanctuary) is worthwhile with all those elephant herd indulging in taking their daily ablutions, food and play with their calfs..

One can try out the local papads/halwai that is available on numerous small stores along East Nada street leading to the entrance of the main temple.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: 1. Local transportation: as per the current rates,( 8th march 2011), per km its fixed either by Auto or by Car at Rs.15. It takes Rs.50 to go to Elephant sanctuary and return another Rs.50. Similarly it takes about Rs.15 to visit Mammiyar Temple

2. Always insist on getting the trip sheet and bill from the cab agencies or from the hotel. No negotiations on this front. Its quite a dicey affair to deal with the drivers.

3. They dont even mind filing frivolous complaints to the local authorities based on their\' understanding\' of the deal that is supposed to have been made before the travel. After the travel is made, should you be making the payments they may refuse to take and create some drama....Best thing is to hire the cars from the hotel travel desk or reception and making them accountable for fulfilling the deal/understanding.

4. Try going to the main temple from the side entrance( not for the darshan of the main Moola Vigraham) but to avoid the crowds and yet catch the glimpse of the Deepalankara Seva at 6pm or the Sriveli in the evening at around 630pm. Its worth visiting the Sriveli seva as elephants circumbulate with Utsava Vigraha and then take rest at one of the pillars near to the prasada counter.

5. If you happen to visit the temple in the morning( not during Nirmalya darshsn) then you may book the prasadams: Adai, Appam so that it would be delivered in the evening. But you need to collect them in person

6. Normally there is huge rush to collect the Pal Payasam. Better to take the ticket at the Prasadam counter soon after the darshan either in the morning or in the evening latest by 5pm to ensure that you get some of it.

7. But for the lack of proper administration or professional maintenance, many a times, though the rush is absolutely negligible( when compared with shirnes such as Tirupati), one would end up with disquieting and avoidable experience due to the jostle( which in itself is unwarranted). But folks are completely unmindful of others sensitivities and are engrossed in the singleminded dedication in reaching out to the Lord ( no matter even it means distrubing others, trampling on others or just plain walking onto others or criss cross or break the ques merrily). Such is the devotion. Just plainly watch and relish this mindlessness.

8. In essence, there is complete pathetic piligrim support that is palpably present right across all the touchpoints: chappal stand, que, parasad counters. It gets aggravated due to the non-chalant attitude of the staff.

9. One must have Dhoti and Vesti( Uttariyam or cloth on the upper body) before entering the main entrance. Ensure that you dont carry any of the mobiles or handbags.

10. Just for the uninitiated or first time piligrim: size of the Lord\'s statue is very small. Hence one need to really focus on the Lord\'s statute and just look at the center of the frame to have an eyeful of glimpse. Lest am afraid that there is every likelihood that one may miss on the main purpose of the journey....

11. Dont hire the cabs from Cochin or Thrissur airports throughout your stay at Guruvayoor. Just get dropped at the place and hire local autos. Cochin to Guruvayoor: its Rs.1650 Thrissur to Guruvayoor: its Rs.1300 Cochin to Thrissor: Rs.1000 approx Rs.10/km. But all the cabs and taxi services charge the passenger on to and fro basis.

12. Food at Ramakrishna Hotel is best amongst all the hotels.

Happy Piligrimage.
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Parth Madhavan

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  • Parth Madhavan
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  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Oct 12, 2008
the only train to Guruvayur from Hyderabad 'Hyderabad - Ernakulam' is always full but, managed to get a birth in 2AC and here I'm.
A small town with full of rules and regulations, taking an auto is like reading a law book. Anyway a neat place, very traditional with easy going people and some amazing houses, guys into architecture would love this place.

The place is know for its famous guruvaruappan temple, the walls hold the kerala mural painting i guess not sure tho is worth watching, every corner of the ceilings will hold a nag/snake, the inner walls are into rows of diya holders with oil and small diya's lit.

I stayed in one of the state government run lodges, its tough to get a room i say, they reception would always say its full or some repair at work but then if u talk rules then i'm sure u'll manage to get one.
the rooms are well maintained and neat.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: kerala is full of boiled rice n ppl who r used to rotis or the regular rice will have a tough time, water is always served boiled.

You'll find lot of small restaurants along the road side that are quite good.

Activities & things to do: nothing much i guess except visiting the temple

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: from hyd the only train 'Hyderabad - Ernakulam exp'
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