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Kaushik Basu

  • Scout
  • Kaushik Basu
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"Kinnaur essence"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Dec 3, 2017
Sangla is the essence of Kinnaur travel, without visiting Sangla, Kinnaur is just incomplete!
Best time to go is essentially summer. And it is always better to check both the road condition and weather in advance. Aug-Sep can also be great time as that's when the great Kinnauri apples ripen fully. However, there may be traffic snarls because of the big trucks and also with the rainy season active, raods can be troublesome.
In general, part of the road from Karcham to Sangla is really tough and scary. It is always advisable to get help of a local driver rather than trying out oneself.
Honestly other than local fruits and woollens and Kinnauri caps, there is nothing specific local. Of course one can definitely try local food in the restaurants.
Chitkul is the must visit place while staying in Sangla. The last village of India is indeed beautiful with the Baspa river flowing out of the snow clad mountains. The monastery iin Chitkul is also worth a visit. There are hotel options but it is wiser to stay in Sangla where hotel options will be more and a bigger marketplace. Other places where we visited were Sangla village to see the monastery & the Bering Nag temple, and the Baspa river bank. There were few other spots which one can try based on personal interest like Kamru Fort, Toout Farm & Tibetian Wood Carving Centre.
Based on where you are coming from the route needs to be chosen and its essentially roadways, one has to come to Karcham and then take the route to Sangla.
Even in summer there can be chances of snow particularly in Chitkul. So keeping good woolens is always advisable. Also before coming into Sangla a check of the road condition is advisable and that's whay local drivers have the connection advantage.
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Atul Bhardwaj

  • Scout
  • Atul Bhardwaj
  • Highlander
  • 6 Reviews
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"Snowclad mountains wd crystal clear streams ... Lush green valley and tenting experience"

  • Posted Oct 10, 2017
A windblown adventure for bikers and trekkers. For all activities start your day early as mornings are most awesome here ... The breeze, the refreshing fragrance of nature.
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Parin Rupani

  • Tourist
  • Parin Rupani
  • 12 photos
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"Nature Beauty place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 29, 2017
It's an extraordinary nature lovers place although it takes time to reach Sangla as there is much travelling but then too you will love nature in travelling. BANJARA hill is great experience over there. As there is no tv and you have to leave with nature and your family or loved ones that the best experiences.
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Akshaya Patil

  • Connoisseur
  • Akshaya Patil
  • Lives in Mumbai
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"A village of apple orchards"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Oct 3, 2016
A village of apple orchards, every nook and corner of this valley. We were amazed to see apples in their full glory. Sangla - our first experience of Kinnaur valley and I have still not overcome my holiday hangover. A place where god resides, a heaven on earth which no words can describe. A gushy river was flowing along throughout our journey in the Kinnaur valley.

Surrounded by Mountain, flowing river and fresh air I didn't knew is there, anything more beautiful than this. The road to Sangla valley is very dangerous; it is an adventure ride in itself. The scale of the mountain is so magnificent that you just look at it in awe. Kamru fort is a must visit place near this village.
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Sanjay kapila

  • Connoisseur
  • Sanjay kapila
  • Highlander
  • 16 Reviews
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"Trip to"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Jul 11, 2016
Hills are Hills and Mountains are Mountains ... I hope all know the basic difference between two. Height up to 6000 Ft are Hills and Above are Mountains ...
Recently ... I happened to Visit Above Mentioned places ... While Narkanda is Ultimate, Sarahan Gives you Feeling of "Yes .. I reached at last" .. Hehehehe ... Because After taking Off from Chandigarh and night halt at Narkanda, reaching Sarahan gives you Satisfaction. Though roads up to Sarahan are in Good Condition but being narrower roads and tourist rush, you MUST stay Alert. Enjoy Local Fruits which are available in abundance ... Once you Start from Sarahan roads gets narrower and dangerous as Valley shows its Depth and that too Steep Down ... While crossing Tapri please Keep Two Things Full ... Fuel Tank & Patience Tank.
While Rampur is as hot as Chandigarh and once you cross Karcham and start climbing up, only then you feel Thandi Hawaaein but you can't Enjoy every thing as road is too narrower and Damaged and traffic coming down keeps you Alert ... Sangla is Valley with beautiful Rocky Mountains .. You can visit Dam who is under construction. You can stay in Camps or at Hotel ... Mount Kailash is A Good Hotel which provides Home Like Food as Cook makes sure you enjoy good food after hectic driving.
You can Plan to see Chitkul the Last Village on Indo Tibetan Road ... On the way you can enjoy Picnic on road side as small waterfalls attracts you while going up ... Rakhcham can also be visited while coming back to Sangla ... Sangla Chitkul is 26km but takes at least 2 hours to reach ... Kalpa is Wow place to Stay. Caution:: Road Condition is NOT that Good ... Especially Tapri-12km, Karcham to Sangla-9/10kms. Karcham to Reckong Peo-12kms.
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