Mysterious caves to Luxury Villas! Wayanad Review

Mysterious caves to Luxury Villas!

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Archana Vidur

  • Tourist
  • Archana Vidur
  • Lives in Bangalore
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"Mysterious caves to Luxury Villas!"

  • Posted Oct 26, 2017
We often head to Wayanad, a quaint hill station in Kerala located 300kms from Bangalore. It makes for a perfect getaway due to its proximity to home, it’s wildlife and breathtaking landscape.
It’s yet another weekend today and we are headed to Kalpetta. Our objective is to see some wildlife and enjoy Kerala cuisine.
We take the route that crossed Muthanga wildlife sanctuary. Located next to Bandipur, Muthanga is know for its elephant and deer population with the occasion tiger/leopard sighting. As we reach Muthanga, we slow down hoping to spot something. The landscape looks barren; brown bald trees and dried out shrubs. The sun is shining hard on us and we are feeling a little hot even with the AC on. We wonder how animals survive this without any shade of water.
Our car nudges on slowly and the landscape has turned green. Signs of water nearby. High chances of spotting some elephants maybe. We linger on but looks like we’re out of luck. We lose hope and move on looking for lunch options.
Location – Muthanga forest. The location of our first stop. Tucked away in the forest is a small guest house with a small rocky stream flowing nearby. Plenty of Elephant and deer sightings and unfortunately we weren’t carrying our camera at the time
Our stay at the first guest house was pleasant. Food and service were top notch and now its time to move to the next homestay.
Some sort of green tea served upon arrival. Couldn’t figure out what it was but it sure tasted real good!
After a long scenic uphill drive, we arrive at our homestay/hotel. We had seen pictures of it earlier but the place is just so much more beautiful in real. Pictured above is a view of the Karapuzha Dam from our property. The rooms are comfy, equipped with all amenities and a view like that. Lunch is served to us on the portico. Food, cooked by a local villager, smells of herbs and spices and tastes heavenly. After a big meal, we decide to take a stroll around the property. The estate manager tell us that they have a cave room and a small natural pond, so we decide to check these out as well.
The stay was memorable; staff was friendly telling us stories about how this property came about, they cooked us some great dishes and the view in the morning was just so pretty. We had a good experience and even though we didn't see any wildlife apart from the stay deer/wild boar, we are surely going to come back to this place! Kudos to the owners and staff for being so hospitable!
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Raghu rags nandan

  • Tourist
  • Raghu rags nandan
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"It was raining & a bit if drizzle as well at times"

  • Posted Oct 25, 2017
Umbrella is a must carry in Wayanad, specially in you are there in between July & October.

Carry insect repellent creams for the night (remember, we are in their & not the other way round).

Must visit places -

1) Alkali Caves

2) Chembra Peak

3) Soochipara Waterfalls

4) Kuruva Island

5) Banasura Sagar Dam

6) Pookode Lake

7) Karapuzha Dam

8) Wildlife Safari
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Kv kamath

  • Tourist
  • Kv kamath
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"Kerala a place to be"

  • Posted Oct 24, 2017
A Fitness test by climbing decal caves. We had a very good time climbing it gave us a satisfaction of being fit though it was challenging .. We bought pure coffee powder, spices, hair oil .. Our Son had a cheerful time & also go a fish spa therapy .. We picked up good amount of home made chocolates too .. Felt great
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Chandana raparla

  • Tourist
  • Chandana raparla
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"Lush green mountains and chilled weather takes us to a different heavenly planet."

  • Posted Oct 24, 2017
Hikers its a go
Chillers it's a go
Explorers it's a go
Banasura resort was welcoming with earthy ambience and luxury facilities. Variety of hot delicious food served three times a day. Never heard a no from the staff.
Resort is Located at foot of the hill, gives you a beautiful experience and can go hiking into forest with prior permission from forest department which will be assisted by the resort management.
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Raghavendra Suryakumar

  • Tourist
  • Raghavendra Suryakumar
  • Lives in Bangalore
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"Banasura resort ... The nature's wonder."

  • Posted Oct 21, 2017
Visited Banasura resort and was amazed with the way the whole structure was built. Had trialled during summer but since the resort is built with earthern materials ... The rooms were very cool. This resot is at the foot hill of nilgiris hill range with a picturesque backdrop. The staff were very kind and helpful. Enjoyed typical Kerala food varieties.
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