Necklace of pristine beaches, Gokarna can be walked on fo...

Necklace of pristine beaches, Gokarna can be walked on foot and you can discover all these amazing

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Priya Kataria

  • Tourist
  • Priya Kataria
  • 1 Review
  •  3 readers

"Necklace of pristine beaches, Gokarna can be walked on foot and you can discover all these amazing"

  • Posted Oct 25, 2017
You can go hiking, it's full of scenic vistas in between the beaches. Also very peaceful place if you want to unwind, it has a great feeling and makes you feel one with the nature. You can refresh your connection if has gotten lost in your busy lives
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Jayati lashkari

  • Tourist
  • Jayati lashkari
  • 1 Review
  •  3 readers

"Gokarna : discover It before its Go Goa Gone"

  • Posted Oct 24, 2017
A beautiful isolated quaint beachside holiday spot .. It felt like someone had time travelled to the good old Malgudi days .. The beaches temples coconut trees all emphasising the Hindu culture and mythology around which Gokarna (cows ear) is named. It serves as a destination for all types of travellers the old young solo family .. Gokarna is a secret waiting to be revealed a destination waiting to be discovered .. So pack your bags to enjoy this peaceful holistic destination
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Sanjitha Shampur

  • Scout
  • Sanjitha Shampur
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 2 Reviews
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  •  979 readers

"A mini Goa with awesome beaches minus the crowds"

  • Posted Oct 24, 2017
Gokarna (a quaint temple town) is not only famous for its Mahabaleshwar temple, but also for its pristine serene calm clean beaches. It's not as commercialised as Goa, so there's not much of a crowd .. You alMost have the entire beach to yourself.
Kudle beach is almost like a private cove with gentle but fun waves.
Complete with the many shacks, it's a peaceful beach side holiday.
Only downside, apart from 1 shack on Om beach that serves beer, it's basically a dry beach (since it's a temple town), but feel free to carry your own liquor, the shack owners are more than happy to supply the extras!
Definitely a smaller budget beach trip than Goa!
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Jaya balakrishna

  • Tourist
  • Jaya balakrishna
  • 1 Review
  •  3 readers

"Heaven on earth!"

  • Posted Oct 23, 2017
Gokarna is a quaint little temple town in Kumta, uttara Karnataka district of Karnataka. A 2 - 4 days trip to this town is pure bliss. Clean and calm beaches, walking in a drizzle amid lovely green surroundings, volcanic rock faced cliffs, good food.
The beaches in Gokarna can be covered in the following order: Kudle? Om? Half-Moon? Paradise. The distance is not much and you can do the trek in one day and get back to Kudle by sunset. Remember to avoid trekking after sunset as there's no lighting along the path and vegetation at times becomes a bit thick, while direction arrows ( only between kudle and Om have worn off and are barely visible even during the day. It's safe to do the trek alone, however.
Ingredient for making a lovely Gokarna beach holiday -
Cap/umbrella/plenty of sunscreen and water while beach trekking. Donít miss the prawn curry rice at the beach facing restaurant at namaste cafe in the beautiful Om beach. Vegans and vegetarians have plenty options too.
Solo trip or a group trip, this is the place!
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Iram ansari

  • Tourist
  • Iram ansari
  • 5 Reviews
  •  224 readers

"The experience was surreal"

  • Posted Oct 23, 2017
The experience was surreal,
I would like to explain it in 3P's; Place, People and Pleasure
We visited OM, Kudle and all the accompanying beaches, I would like to call them Virgin beaches as the water was clean and clear, beautiful sunrise and sunset and no population explosion
People: The locals were very friendly, the restaurants were not exorbitantly price, treated Indians and Foreigners the same and were pet friendly.
'Gokarna International Resort' would have a special mention by me. Not, only did they accommodate my Dog but even provided food for him.
Pleasure: As it was our pre wedding shoot, we could freely move around the beach, my so Snow was taken care of every where, and so we were very happy and the trip was a pleasurable experience not only for us but for him as he played in the beaches from Dawn to Dusk.
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