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The real City...!

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"The real City...!"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Apr 16, 2009
I don't think I can give an overview of Mumbai the largest city of all... I just saw one tenth of the city (I believe so ! ) but what isn't there in Mumbai??? From beaches to exotic scenic locations, from largest industrial areas to the ancient monuments... Mumbai has everything to admire... just go - you'd be awestruck !

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Everything is more than ok... expect anything from Mumbai you'd get it for sure... :)

Activities & things to do: I didn't do any activities there, so I'm not really sure about the activities... but there's a lot to do... ( Thats what the guide said)

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: You'd find hell of a lot of ways to reach Mumbai... The only thing is to watch your back!! Pickpockets, Thieves... you could see everybody... then again its Mumbai It'd be like that only... But my Idea would be a train travel
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Amiit Sheth

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  • Amiit Sheth
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"Karnala Bird Sanctuary"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Apr 21, 2007
Travelling is fun when you take hold of the mean machine and cruise. Specially on a Royal Enfield where riding pleasure is nothing less than attaining Nirvana.
Travelling on a bike is like flying low in the nature where you feel the breeze much better than sitting like mannequins in the box called as car. In a car nature appears like moving pictures and where you miss the 'in' feeling.

Secondly, car has restrictions when it comes to cruising the dirt tracks or the natural path into the unexplored.

Keeping this is mind and the time available, I decided to explore to my favourite destination - Karnala Bird Santuary. Karnala is just 10kms from Panvel and
appx. 61 km from Mumbai. During non peak hours one can reach in an hour from Mumbai.

Karnala is a great place for weekend break with friends and family. It has thick forest with variety of birds, wild mushrooms and plenty of monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

The prime attraction at Karnala is the Karnala Fort. On weekends one can see many trekkers, nature photographers and school kids. Apart from trekking, rappelling also takes place at the pinnacle of Karnala fort. The peak is crested by a thumb-shaped pinnacle hence it is also known as 'Thumbs-Up' fort.

Though there are small hotels and resorts around, one needs to carry sufficient water and light snacks for hiking. It is advisable to start the hike early in the morning and return early. Cellphones work here but has limitations. It takes from an hour to two hour hike to reach the top, depending on the level of trekker you are. There are various trails one can follow. The map is available at the base at mere Re. 1/-. The entry fee per person is Rs. 20/-.

The view from the top is simply breath taking as your eyes are attracted to the vastness of the Arabian Sea. Also the view of Sahyadri range is magnificent. At The base of the pinnacle there are some small rock-cut caves which are filled with water. These water tanks are of Buddist origin where monks used to meditate here.

Bird Watching at Karnala:

Early morning is the right time to catch the birds in action. The chirping of birds here makes you feel that you have gone back in the time machine.
Though the area is mere 4.5 sq. km, it is home to some 80+ bird species. The best time is during winter when migratory birds from Himalayas and as far as Siberia visit this small place. One has to be equipped with good binoculars and a natural interest in birds. The birds which can be spotted here includes wood-peckers, Himalayan thrust, Golden Orioles, Minivets, Barbets, Green bee eaters, Owls, Drongos, Crested Serpent Eagles, Paradise Flycatchers, Flowerpeckers, Petronias etc. Simply follow the paths which are marked with proper symbols. Travel in small groups to identify maximum bird species. A serious birder will have to carry field guides for quick identification of birds. Once you are hooked to birding, you shall return here once a month.

Apart from hiking and birding, there are plant nurseries near by which stock variety of plants from floral to herbal at a reasonable rates. There is Yusuf Meherali Center close by.

Well thatís it as the first of the Travel Series, till then - bye!

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Woods Resort, Rishi Garden Resort and for food Kshanbhar-Vistranti or Kamat's.

Activities & things to do: Bird Watching in winter, Trekking, Rappelling, Nature walks in Monsoon

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Mumbai-Panvel-Karnala. Karnala Fort / Sanctuary is 10 km from Panvel
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"The city of dreams or a dream city?"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Mar 29, 2007
Bombay or Mumbai. It has changed a lot and not so much at all. Every time I go, I fall in love with it a little bit more. There are some things that have almost become a tradition with me now. I must do/visit them. It took many trips for me to discover them. You may not be able to do them all in one trip but try some of them at least. Distances arenít much but traffic spoils it a bit. So, depending on which side you will be staying, you can try some stuff. Am writing them down area wise so you can club them in one, depending on where you are.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Town side:

Please, please do go to Haji Ali in Mahalaxmi. All cab drivers know it. I am in love with it. It wonít take long to go there. But it will change your life. And once you get out, do have strawberry and Cream ice-cream at the Haji Ali Juice corner. Youíd never have tasted anything like it.

Across the road is the Heera Panna complex, which is great for gadgets, mobiles, Zippos, fake watches etc. Much like Palika but better, cleaner and safer. You must bargain there. They will try and rob you except for one or two shops.

Once near town, please, please try and go to Leopold. I absolutely love that place. It is in Colaba, across from the Benetton showroom. That corner is called the Kala Ghoda I think. It is a very down-to-earth drinking place where foreigners hang out. Donít go for dinner, go for an evening beer. Itís better for a laid back evening as you must visit some other places for dinner.

Near there, in one of the back lanes is a famous place called Baghdadi and Bade miyan. Pick up a roll from bade miyaan and try this special Iranian roti at Baghdadi. It is unmissable. You can also go to Ayubís for rolls if itís really late. The back lane has the kitchen from where they will give it to you even as late as 3 am.

Also in town is the fountain. Where you get very cheap books and the fashion Street is there. Completely missable.

Another place I love is a pub called ĎNot just Jazz by the Bayí across from Baskin Robbins on Marine Drive. They have Karaoke nights there. Itís a blast. Walk along the Marine Drive for a short distance before taking a cab. It is lovely.

What you cannot and must not miss, even if you have to cross half the world to reach is the Hard Rock Cafť. It is Bombay Dyeing Mills in Worli. You must, must go there. Try and check out Sheiro also. It is fantastically beautiful, quieter and more sophisticated. Maybe have one beer there, in the same complex, before going to Hard Rock. Hard Rock closes at 1.30. Most places in town close around that time. Hard Rock is the best place in Bombay right now. Go there definitely. Have a beer at Leopold, Shiero and then go to HRC. They have 1000 bucks cover charge.


One thing that is a must but you may not be able to do it because of time is watching a play at the Prithvi Theatre. Last show is usually 7:30. If you donít have the time, but feel like a nice cup of Irish Cream Coffee, do go to their cafť. This is in Juhu, very near Holiday Inn and a short distance from Marriott. Next to Alfredoís and Barista.

I try to always visit the Mt. Mary Church in Bandra, near Bandstand. Mornings are great for that, but so is any time of the day. I go in the morning as I can go as early as 7:30 also which leaves the rest of the day free. Auto drivers ussually get confused and take you to St. Anthony church. You may need directions from a local. It is up a climbing road.

There are a lot of places you can part at in the suburbs too. There is Enigma in the Marriott (Juhu). Mostly celebs and opens till late (about 3 am). You can eat in the coffee shop afterwards. Entry is a bit much, Rs. 3000 I think.

But itís better to go to the local places like Hawaiian Shack, which is very popular amongst the Advertising and such people. It is in Bandra. On linking road, there is a Mc Donald. Across the street from it is a lane. Go down that road and ask someone. Everyone knows it. I donít know the name of the exact road.

You can also go to Zenzei, Poison and Seijo & Sojourn on Waterfield Road in Bandra. Near ICICI bank. Poison is a pub in the same building. Much like a UK underground pub. It is in the basement too. 1000 bucks entry. Seijo & Sojourn is a pub and restaurant on the first floor of the same building. Also very good. Zenzei is very popular also. On the same road, towards linking road.

Very near Zenzei and a Lakme Salon is a new place called Red Box. Went for breakfast one day as they have a Hot Breads kind of readymade counter. But checked out booze prices. Very, very cheap. 60 bucks for a pint. Looks nice but never tried it for dinner.

Near there is OMO. A fabulous shop for clothes, shoes and accessories. This is also Waterfield Road, Bandra. Near Linking Road and National College. It is on the second floor of a building that has TISYA board prominently. Across the road from a shop called Outfits (very cool clothes, jeans etc. from Hong Kong etc). That is the womanís store. But they can give you directions to the menís store, nearby. I will try too. Across from ICICI, there is a bunch of shops called Leo and Babes, Kings etc. Go down that road straight. Keep a look out on the right. Outside one of the houses is a very small board with OMO on it. It is a garage kind of room attached to a house. Thatís the menís store. Nice pants and kurtas etc. worth a look.

A lot of time I go to Biona, a cafť on Hill Road for breakfast for a quick lunch. Itís a cute cafť with good food which is rare in Bombay. Nice desserts too. Plus readymade biryani for when you are in a hurry. Ask auto wall to take you to Globus. If you are coming from Linking Road, Globus will be on your right. Take the left from there. Biona is on the left on Hill Road. Next to Sleep-ins and Independent cafť.

Please go to Bandstand in Bandra one evening if you have the time. Itís a lovely walk. Even late at night, you have people hanging out at 3 or 4 am. They just sit and drink and hang out.

You can go to Totoís Garage, a laid back place in Bandra, near Pali Market. Good rock music. Only if you have the time. Near there, you can get beer at a theka like tiny corner shop long after everything is closed.

In Juhu, please go to the beach and have chuski and sit on one of the many shacksí edge and listen to the waves. There is a nice Mocha across the street for coffee.

On the Juhu road, much before Marriott is a lovely restaurant. New. Called Aurrius. It doesnít have a front gate or anything, so you may miss it. Look out for Ajanta Hotel (tell your auto walla Ajanta hotel). Cross the road and enter a iron gate. Inside is Aurrius. Sit out in the open. Itís very pretty and overlooks the sea. Not if you are alone though, itís boring. There is also Vie near there. Also nice.

You can go to a lot of places alone also in Bombay. No one cares. You can also go to this place called Alfredoís for lunch or evening beer. Itís small and quaint. Near Holiday Inn. There is also Temple Flower, a nice restaurant there. If you want to try crabs or seafood, donít miss Mahesh, very close by. Itís very famous.

If you want to party besides these places (Aurriius and Vie are quiter. Enigma is a club), you can go to Rock Bottom in Ramee Guestline, near Holiday Inn. I donít like it that much but itís there. As is their rooftop, an Indian restaurant. Boring.

Linking road is very good for cheap chappals and leather stuff if you want to pick up something. There are a lot of shops with cool stuff all over Bombay. I always visit Linking road for shoes, OMO and outfits for clothes and frequent these places to eat. There must be lots of other places but these are my world in Bombay. I discover something new every time. Do try and do as much as you can while you are there. The city never sleeps. You can midnight buffets at Holiday Inn and Marriott. You can get a drink almost anywhere.

There are a lot of Barista and cafť days but there are so many other places with history that make the city.

Activities & things to do: Shop for shoes and leather. Do go to the sea side. Worli and bandstand are ideal. juhu is good for a family outing. Do take a day trip to the caves. Get on a ferry from the Gateway of India. They are closed on Mondays though. Party like mad at one of their various clubs. Hard Rock Cafe, Sheiro, Posion, Vie, Aurrius, Avalon, Enigma, Velocity...the list is endless. Go gadget shopping at Heera Panna. Get religious at Siddhi Vinayak, Mt. Mary or Haji Ali. Or take a trip to Filmcity.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Mumbai is connected by air with almost everywhere. Being a throbbing city, the fares are not too much either as there are so many flights in that sector. Try travel sites for special deals and offers for flights. Within the city, I take autos all the time. They never refuse to go anywhere if they are on the right side of the road. They donít try and cheat you. The calculation is - whatever the reading on the meter, it is one rupee less. For instance it shows, 1.0, you pay them 9 rupees which is the least fare even if you are going 10 feet away. If it shows 3.6, you pay 35 rupees. Itís simple, once you get the hang of it. Cabs are very cheap too.
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Azhar Chougle

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"Mumbai : Big Bustling and Better"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Apr 27, 2006
Mumbai has changed alot over the years.More modern,better transport,roads etc.Firstly climate is perfect year round never too hot never too cold,and the monsoon are alot of fun to be part of.People extremely friendly to tourists.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: There is so much to see you probably can't see it all.Monuments everywhere you turn.Shopping - it's the heartbeat there.Major brands surround you with the occassional cultural feast.Large malls have now sprung up everywhere.

Activities & things to do: Not that much to do for the adventurer - more for adults too.100s of clubs - and city tours.Water sports at chowpatty beach.Go karting ,bowling etc. - it's more of city-based activities.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Be careful of pick pocketers and people trying to rip you off always however nice they seem.Take care of your belongings.Bring a camera - book in advance and carry a mobile for safety and in case you get lost.Also, make sure you know your hotel's address to tell a cab in case you get lost.
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