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Vivek Puri

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Nice hotel

Very nice IAM very fun all to friends as sad. All time is ALLL have a good and every time good man ask to AA very good man last time ham log rewa Gaye waha PE ham be Samoset khaya bahut Maja aya for Gaye Bhopal aur waha to Etna Maja kiye ki kuch kanna hi nahi

Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath3.6/5

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Visit Rewa for its heritage and ruins

Rewa is one of the towns in Madhya Pradesh that grows on you. The town seems noisy and dusty like any other town, but it is filled with culture, heritage and ruins. There is the local pond here, filled with temples - Rani Talao. While locals come here for boating, it's beautiful during sunrise and sunset. You could even try some night photography. There are stories and legends and the locals will tell you if you are interested. There is an old museum here as well, a treasure trove of royal collection. Its one of the best guided Tours that I have ever had although you cannot take photographs and it can be maintained better.

My favourite destination however is the Gobindgarh fort. The ruins speak to you. Apparently the Maharaja spotted the first white tiger here many years ago. It is slightly on the outskirts of the city, facing the lake and it is one of the best places to go if you love photographing ruins, monuments and pillars.

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A beautiful fort overlooking the lake  Video Review

A beautiful fort overlooking the lake

One of the most beautiful falls of India  Video Review

One of the most beautiful falls of India

Awesome place to visit  Video Review

Awesome place to visit

govindgarh fort  Video Review

govindgarh fort

Rani Talab Rewa  Video Review

Rani Talab Rewa

Govindgarh  Video Review


govindgarh palace  Video Review

govindgarh palace

govindgarh palace  Video Review

govindgarh palace

Govindgarh Fort  Video Review

Govindgarh Fort

Raani Talab  Video Review

Raani Talab

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About Rewa Tourism
Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Rewa covers an area of around 6,240.06 sq km. In addition, it is divided into four parts, viz. Kymore Pahar, Binjh Pahar, Rewa Plateau and Lower-Northern Plain.On the north and east, the district is bounded by the state of Uttar Pradesh. The district on the south is surrounded by Sidhi District, while on the west lies Amarpatan and Raghurajnagar tahsils of Satna District. The destination resembles an isosceles triangle in its shape with its two longer arms extending in the east direction towards Mauganj, while the base of the triangle lies along the border of Satna District.
Rewa District has derived its name from its district headquarters, which is Rewa town. Originally, Rewa is another name for River Narmada. According to history, it is said that in the 3rd century BC, the territories which are now the part of this district, were under the reign of the Maurya Dynasty. The present Rewa district came into existence in 1950.
Besides its rich history, Rewa is also known for its white tigers as the first white tiger was caught in this district. In addition to hiking through the dense tiger reserve, tourists can also explore several interesting places. These include the Rewa Fort, Baghael Museum, Royal Museum, Pili Kothi and Govindgarh Palace. The other points of interest include the Shilpi Plaza, Shiva Temple, Rani Talab and APS University Stadium. Travellers can also visit Bansagar Dam and the many waterfalls along with the Ranipur Sanctuary in the areas surrounding Rewa.
With the availability of flights, buses and trains, travelling to Rewa is not difficult. Those travelling by air, can board flights to the nearest airport-Khajuraho Airport. In addition, tourists travelling from international destinations can board flights to Jabalpur Airport.Tourists can also head towards the destination by trains, which are served by Rewa Railway Station, located at a distance of 5.8 km from Rewa. Buses are also available to Rewa, most of which operate from Khajuraho. The best time to visit Rewa is from July to September.