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Dodril Hipson

Dodril Hipsonratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

A weekend retreat - a watery delight

For people looking for a weekend trip, to just free us from the mental walls built by our cities, and let us loose on the roads to nowhere, enjoying the journey inspite of the destination, Shivasamundra Falls is a perfect setting.

Shivsamudram falls, being the second highest waterfall in India, only after Jog falls, is a perfect choice between August and October, a time when monsoon is not at its peak, so as to not pose a threat for travel and sightseeing, but also not so far left behind, to make the falls a dwindling thread...

Me and my wife (Rouchell) started off early at around 7AM on a Sunday, forecasted to be partially cloudy. From Sarjapur on the outer ring road, it is easier to get out of the city without getting caught in the early morning traffic, irrespective of weekday or weekend.

A few kilometres and we are in the cradling smooth arms of Nice Road, a toll road, that is indeed nice. 139 Kms from Bangalore, the trip took us about 3 hours, and we enjoyed it owing to the peaceful cloudy weather, the smooth toll roads and the national highways, and the everlasting greenery that surrounds us.

We took the Kanakapura route, with signboards guiding us all the way. At Malavalli, a left took us towards the falls. Shivsamudram falls is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, and is the location for one of the first hydro electric power stations in Asia, setup in 1902.

As the Kaveri river makes it ways through the rocks and ravines of the Deccan Plateau, a gigantic leap, takes the form of this magnificient waterfalls, giving birth to the twins, Gaganachukki (Western falls) and the Bharachukki (Eastern falls).

Our trip first led us to Gaganachukki, which was where we crossed the gates to the hydro electric power station, and entered the edge of the plateau, giving us a view of the waterfalls in all its glory. The waterfalls roars and it is spectacular to watch the fall from the safety of the watch tower.

There are two sides to this falls, one called the Bluff, where we went first. It was not crowded though, being early in the day, with a few coconut vendors having started their business, and a small group of enthusiastic college students, bringing cheer to the environment. Then we biked, crossing the river, to the other side of the falls, near the mosque (Dargah).

Shivsamudram waterfalls is segmented, breaking the water flow into many channels, before dropping over the cliff, resulting in multiple sister falls side by side. Looks as if the gods let milk flow through the plateau, creating rainbows closer to ground, with a misty cloud rising from the foot of these falls. We next rode on to Bharachukki falls, where we came face to face with another falls created by the mighty Kaveri river.

A staircase, of about 250 steps takes us down near the falls. At the bottom, people were already gathered, having snacks, enjoying the river side, as well as a lot interested in taking the coracle ride. The coracle, is a primitive, light, bowl-shaped boat made with a frame woven with grass, reeds, saplings and covered with hides and tar to make it water proof. It is the local roller coaster ride, anyone would enjoy in the rivers of India.

We took the coracle ride, at a cost of just Rs. 50 per head. Though a coracle can easily hold about 8 people, since it was not crowded, couples were given the freedom and privacy to enjoy the ride by themselves. The skilled coracle driver took us slowly very close to the waterfalls, spraying us with delight and taking us back to our kid zone, where we always love water, no matter, what shape or form.

Having seen the falls, from such a close range, and after getting half drenched, we spent some time near the base of the falls, before taking the tiring climb back up the 250 steps. It was definitely worth the walk though.

After replenishing ourselves with some snacks, we took off, back to Bangalore, with no agenda or flight to catch, the ride was slow, peaceful and ensured we enjoy the journey also, and not just the destination. We made enough pit stops, near lush green farms and within the shadows of array of banyan trees lined on the sides of the roads.
A short but splendid way of spending a day off the weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the journey with us!!!!

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Yerramalli Sirisha

Yerramalli Sirisharatingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

The beautiful Kaveri Waterfalls

Asia's first hydroelectric power supply was started here. There are 2 different falls the Gaganchukki falls where you cannot go down. The other is the bharachukki falls, you need to go down some nearly 200 steps only in off season this is allowed. Next is the Coracle ride to go to the falls. Awesome experience have been there twice :)