Cauvery wildlife sanctuary - Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary...

Cauvery wildlife sanctuary - Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

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Situated on the banks of River Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is a small town in the Mandya District in the southern state of Karnataka. It is about 85 km east of Mysore. The first hydro-electric power station in Asia, which was set up in 1902, is located......Read more on Shivanasamundra

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Shivanasamundra Falls, Shivanasamundra
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Places to Visit in Shivanasamundra
  • Type: Water Fall
The Shivanasamundra Falls is a twin waterfalls located at the site of Asia's second hydroelectric power station. It falls from a height of 90 m, into the Cauvery River. This waterfall is regarded as the second largest in India. The Barachukki Falls and Gaganachukki Falls lie east and west of... Read More »
Cauvery River, Shivanasamundra
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Places to Visit in Shivanasamundra
  • Type: River
The Cauvery River in Karnataka bifurcates twice to form the island of Shivanasamundra and Srirangapatnam that are 80 km apart from each other. The island of Shivanasamundra is famous for the Shivanasamundra Falls, including the twin falls, the Gaganachukki Falls and the Barachukki Falls. The... Read More »
Shimshapura Falls, Shivanasamundra
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Places to Visit in Shivanasamundra
  • Type: Water Fall
The Shimshapura Falls is situated in the Shimsha Village of the Malavalli Taluka. The waterfall is the site of the Shimsha Hydroelectric Project, the second hydroelectric power station of Asia. This falls is formed by the Shimsha River that provides water for the project. Read More »
Shimsha Dam, Shivanasamundra
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Places to Visit in Shivanasamundra
  • Type: Dam
The Shimsha Dam, also known as the Markonahalli Dam, is constructed across the Shimsha River at a height of 731.57 m above sea level. The dam was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the King of Mysore, for irrigating 6,070 hectares of land. There is a pair of earth dams at this site that... Read More »
Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Shivanasamundra
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Places to Visit in Shivanasamundra
  • Type: Sanctuary
The Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near the Mutatti Village and is spread across an area of around 102.59 sq km. The sanctuary is covered with dry deciduous trees like jambul and arjuna. Animals like elephant, sambar, common otter, leopard and giant squirrel inhabit the... Read More »
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