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Siddapur(Sidhapur) Tourism

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Amazing experience to the city of hospitality

It was really excellent experience when we went to Siddhapur. We went by Train till Talaguppa and another 20 Kilometres by Bus. In Siddhapur first we visited to Shankara matha a holy temple of Sharada mata and Aadi Shankarachaarya. After That We visited to Gol Bhavi In Bilagi which is a pond surrounded with plenty of canals which used by ancient king to escape. Near to Gol Bhavi Another old Jain Basadhi is also there. These monuments are the real examples of old architecture.

After this we visited to Burude falls which is on the way to Kumta which can give you immense pleasure of trekking experience. It's really tough experience without the help of local guys. In between as we didn't find the hotels there, we had lunch in some local people's house only thy are treating us as their own guests.

If you are fed up with City and City culture It is the best place to visit.
Special Notes: Jog falls, Yaana, Keladi, Ikkeri, Sigandhuru, Banavaasi are the nearby must visit places

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I am heading to Siddapur(Sidhapur)

Siddapur(Sidhapur) Overview

Siddapur/Sidhapur is the headquarters of Siddapur taluka of the Uttara Kannada District, in the state of Karnataka. It lies at an average elevation of around 1,850 feet. Siddapur/Sidhapur is situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and houses numerous fields producing areca nut or ‘supari’.

During the period of around 350 to 525 CE, the region was under the Kadamba kingdom. After the fall of the Kadamba kingdom, the region witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties including the Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas and Vijayanagara Empire.

Further, the region was under the Maratha Empire from around 1700 to 1800. After this, it was won by the British during the Third Anglo-Maratha War in 1818. Since then, the area was under British rule till 1947, when India got independence.

Known for its natural beauty and surroundings, Siddapur/Sidhapur is rich in paddy, coffee, pineapple, cardamom, coconut, pepper and vanilla plantations. The major population of the town belong to the Gaud Saraswats, while Havyaks, Namadharis, Daivajnas, Christians and Muslims are the other inhabitants of the town.

Besides Kannada, Konkani, Hindi, English and Marathi are the prominent languages spoken here. Yakshagana is the popular folk art of the region and is widely featured during marriages and functions. Represented in the form of dance drama, the art form has evolved out of pre classical music and theatrical arts.

Burude Falls is one of the major attractions in Siddapur/Sidhapur, which provides beautiful views of the surroundings. Tourists can visit this site during early winter and summers.

Bajpe Airport at Mangalore is the nearest airport to reach Siddapur/Sidhapur. Situated at a distance of around 168 km, the airport serves domestic as well as international flights to and from the destination. Talaguppa is the nearest railhead and is located at a distance of around 91 km. State owned buses operate regularly from adjoining towns and cities to Siddapur/Sidhapur.

The best time to visit Siddapur/Sidhapur is during the months of October to May as it offers pleasant climatic conditions.

There is so much to see in Siddapur(Sidhapur).

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