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Khatu Shyamji, Sikar
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Khatu Shyamji is a village in Sikar District that has the Khatu Shyamji temple devoted to Lord Krishna. The temple has been mentioned in the Hindu epic Mahabharata as the site where the son of Bhima, Barbareek, and Nag Kanya displayed their warrior skills. The Khatu Shyamji... Read More »
"Divine Abode"Jan 22, 2016 "Good one"Dec 30, 2015
  • Type: Village
Ganeshwar, Sikar
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Ganeshwar village is situated close to the town of Neem ka Thana in Sikar. The hot sulphur springs are its prime attraction and it is believed that taking a dip in the spring water cures skin ailments. The ruins belonging to the 4,000 years old civilisation were found in... Read More »
  • Type: Village
Jeenmata, Sikar
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Jeenmata village has an ancient temple devoted to Goddess Jeen Mata. It is believed to have been constructed around 1,000 years ago in the architectural styles of Rajput clans, namely Pratihar and Chauhan. The temple has twenty four pillars that are carved with figures.... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Harshnath Temple, Sikar
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The Harshnath temple, belonging to the 10th century, is located on the Aravalli Hills near Sikar. The remnants of the ancient Shiva temple can be seen at the site. Another Shiva temple, constructed in the 18th century by Shiva Singh of Sikar, is situated near the Harshnath... Read More »
  • Type: Fort
Laxmangarh, Sikar
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Laxmangarh town is a popular tourist place that is known for the Laxmangarh Fort. The fort was built on the hill in 1862 by Laxman Singh, Rao Raja of Sikar. It is believed that the foundation of the Laxmangarh town was based on the planning system of the capital city Jaipur.... Read More »