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Mon 21st Aug

21° c

Rain throughout the day.

  • Wind: 

    2 km/h

  • Humidity: 

    93 %

  • Pressure: 

    1004 mb

  • Cloud Cover: 

    100 %

  • Visibility: 


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Sindhudurg is situated in the Konkan region in the western part of Maharashtra of India. Located in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Sindhudurg is a year round tourist destination. Sindhudurg experiences a semi-tropical climate. Owing to its proximity to Arabian Sea and Western Ghats, seasonal variations in temperature are not much extreme in Sindhudurg. Sindhudurg has distinct weather conditions which can be classified as summer, monsoon and winter. Sindhudurg is warm and humid during summer and cool during winter with average atmospheric temperature ranging between 17 35 Celsius. The climate at which Sindhudurg is at its best is during November to February. The summer in Sindhudurg February to May usually records a maximum of 37 Celsius and a minimum of 28 Celsius. High humidity that ranges in between 75 85% can scorch up the heat further. Occasional showers help to keep the temperature in check. The monsoon months in Sindhudurg are from June to October, with an average rainfall of around 324 cm. This is also the lean season and Sindhudurg is least crowded. Monsoon winds bring thunderstorms to Sindhudurg and the place is seen at its greenest. Monsoon months record a maximum temperature of 29 Celsius and a minimum of 21 Celsius. The winter season in Sindhudurg is between November to mid February when the maximum temperature is around 27 Celsius the minimum at about 17 Celsius. Winter days are pleasant with cool winds and the nights are cold. November to February is the best time to visit Sindhudurg. The hill station also attracts substantial tourists during the months of October, March and April. Tourists who are not too fond of rain should avoid visiting Sindhudurg during the peak monsoon months.

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Maharashtra Splendor

Nasik (2N), Aurangabad (1N), Jalgaon (1N), Kolhapur (1N), Goa (1N), Sindhudurg (1N)

Maharashtra Splendor

Nasik (2N), Aurangabad (1N), Jalgaon (1N), Kolhapur (1N), Goa (1N), Sindhudurg (1N)

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