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The bastion of Solapur  Video Review

The bastion of Solapur

Please visit when in Solapur  Video Review

Please visit when in Solapur

Old temple in solapur  Video Review

Old temple in solapur

The First church of Solapur  Video Review

The First church of Solapur

Old temple in solapur  Video Review

Old temple in solapur

Nice place for tourists  Video Review

Nice place for tourists

Nice place  Video Review

Nice place

Very peaceful place  Video Review

Very peaceful place

Shankarbhagwan ling  Video Review

Shankarbhagwan ling

Good place to visit  Video Review

Good place to visit

I am heading to Solapur

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V Ganeshan

V Ganeshan5.0/5

9 reviews

V Ganeshan

This city was very neat and clean, roads are wide and double roads. I found the city much beyond my expectations. I stay in Bhopal, capital city, but was impressed with Solapur. The hotel where we had stayed was in a posh area. Overall it was an awesome experience vto stay in such s city.

Abhijit phadnis

Abhijit phadnis4.3/5

2 reviews

Changing Solapur . For the better

I have been visiting Solapur for over 2 decades now but recently visited after a gap of 3 years . Thanks to Swachchha Bharat initiative, Solapur has also gone through a make-over and is much better city now . Excellent road connectivity from Pune too . Good location for a stopover for nearby pilgrimage centers . Akkalkot, Pandharpur etc .

Solapur Overview

History of Solapur

One of the largest cities in the state of Maharashtra, Solapur is both a city and a district. Solapur along with three other districts namely Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur form South West Maharashtra. It shares its border with Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is an ancient place with historical and religious importance with Shri Siddharameshwar as its chief deity.Solapur has a rich history and various dynasties ruled Solapur like Chalukyas, Andhrabhratyas, Yadavas, Rashtrakutas and Bahamians. The name Solapur is a combination of two words "Sola" and "Pur". "Sola" means sixteen and "Pur" means village. This is relevant since Solapur is considered to include sixteen villages. There are quite a few places of tourist and religious interest in Solapur.

Things To Do in Solapur

The major attraction of this place is the Siddheshwar Temple and it is situated in the middle of a lake. Solapur has many Jain temples named after the Jain Tirthankaras like Parasnath temple, Mallikarjuna temple and Adinath temple. The Revansiddeshwar temple and famous Bhuikot fort are other temples worth a visit. Another tourist attraction is the Samadhi of Swami Samarth Maharaja of Akkalkot. There are also a number of archeological sites here and nearby areas which are popular among tourists.

People and Culture of Solapur

The place is famous within the country as well as outside for its many textile industries, towels and Solapur chaddars. The bedding accessories, commonly known as "chaddars," have become famous in the mind of people chiefly because of their unique designs and high quality. Weaving is a popular occupation here and people belonging to Padmashali community are mainly dependent on weaving for their livelihood. Solapur was one of the important places for business as there were large number of cotton mills and power looms. In fact, there were many small- and medium-scale industries located in this area. But in recent years, the place seems to have lost its attraction as an industrial area and many of the industries are shifting elsewhere. In current scenario, agriculture is the main contributor to Solapur?s economy.

Accommodation in Solapur

Solapur is well connected by road to major cities of the state of Maharashtra as well as the adjoining states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It has air connectivity with Mumbai.

Photos of Solapur

Barshi, Solapur
Barshi, Solapur
Siddheshwar Temple, Solapur
The temple gopuram
Siddheshwar Temple, Solapur
Temple view from the fort
Barshi, Solapur
Barshi, Solapur

There is so much to see in Solapur.

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