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  • State: Arunachal Pradesh
  • Famous for/as: Hill
  • District: Tawang
Tawang, the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, is one of the most beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh. Lying between the latitude 27º45’N and the longitude 90º15’E, the destination is located at a height of around 10,000 ft above sea level. Home to the Monpa tribe, Tawang shares its border with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the south-west and the Sela range in the east.

It is believed that the place has derived its name from one of the oldest and largest Buddhist monasteries in India, Tawang Monastery. Perched on the edge of the ridge along the western part of this destination, Tawang Monastery is an important learning centre. About 400 years old, the monastery is believed to be home to more than 700 monks. Tawang Monastery was found in 1681 by Merag Lama Lodre Gyatso in compliance with the desires of 5th Dalai Lama, Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso.

'Ta' means Horse and 'Wang' means Chosen. It is believed that the site on which the monastery has been constructed was chosen by the horse, which was owned by Merag Lama Lodre Gyamtso. According a legend, Merag Lama was unable to decide a location to establish the monastery. In order to seek divine guidance for choosing the construction site for the monastery, he was praying inside a cave. When he came out after finishing prayers, he found that his horse was missing. On searching, he saw that horse was standing on a hilltop.

On seeing his horse on the hilltop, he considered this as a sign of divine blessing and finalised that location for construction of the monastery. The construction of this monastery was completed with the help of people residing in the neighbouring villages. At present, those same neighbouring villages are responsible for the upkeep of the monastery.

Tawang Monastery is also popularly known as Galden Namgey Lhatse, which means celestial paradise. Before the construction of this monastery, Tawang was inhabited by the Monpa tribe. At that time, the Monpa tribe was under the rule of the Mon kingdom, which had their kingdom stretching from Tawang up to Sikkim. However, later the entire kingdom went under the control of Tibet and Bhutan.

When India got its independence from Britain, Tawang was severed off from Tibet. In 1962, Tawang was conquered by the Chinese troops, who destroyed some portions of the monastery. For six months, the entire district was under the control of Chinese nationalist troops. However, after a retreat, it went under the control of India. Later in 1984, the district was separated from the West Kameng District.

Owing to beautiful mountains and monasteries along with 100 lakes, today Tawang is one of the most sought out tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. The destination celebrates several festivals throughout the year, which are mostly associated with religion and agriculture of Monpas. Some of the important festivals celebrated in Tawang are Losar, Torgya, Choekor and Dupka Tse-She.

The Losar Festival, one of the most important festivals in Tawang, is celebrated by the Monpa community. It is celebrated for around two weeks, usually in February-March, to herald the Monpa New Year according to the lunar calendar.  The Monpas belong to the Mongoloid stock and form a majority of the population of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival is marked by feasts and spending time with family and relatives. 

Houses are cleaned, lamps are lit, prayers are offered and prayer flags are hoisted. Masked dances, known as ‘chaam’, are performed by Buddhist monks in gompas to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. The festival welcomes the new, ushering in good health, peace and prosperity.

Khapse, a Tibetan biscuit, is prepared during this time. It is made from a dough of flour, sugar and butter which is then shaped into different forms and sizes and deep fried. The most common shape is the twirled rectangular one which is shared with friends and relatives and offered to guests.  Other shapes include discs coated in sugar and long hollow tubes.

Situated in the north eastern corner of the country, Tawang has limited connectivity to the rest of the country by air, rail and road. The nearest airport is at Tezpur in Assam, 365 km away, which has direct flights to Kolkata twice a week. The nearest railhead is at Guwahati, 555 km away, which is connected to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. By road, Tawang can be reached from Bomdila (185 km), Tezpur (365 km) and Guwahati (555 km) through the Sila Pass.

The best time to visit Tawang is during summer, which extends from the months of July to October.

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Vivek bajoria

  • Tourist
  • Vivek bajoria
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 1 Review
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"Heaven on earth"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
It's a place like a heaven with full of natural beauty and lot of scenery and call it a land of white sand. Land of rising sun also known as and when the sun rays fall on that snow it's fantastic. The environment there is enough for mental peace and body relaxation, it's awesome.
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Jayesh Prabhu

  • Explorer
  • Jayesh Prabhu
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 18 photos
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"Tawang-Heaven on earth"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Jan 14, 2016
We travelled to Tawang from Bomdila. We left Bomdila around 9 am and reached Tawang around 6:30pm. We had some refreshment breaks in between. We had our lunch at military canteen and did some warm clothes shopping at the same place. We purchased military sweater, gloves and woolen monkey cap which is all sold at minimum rate, do buy it here if you need it. Because it had helped us a lot to fight with cold. Then we started our journey to Tawang again we reached sela pass around 3pm. We were able to see fresh snow and the lake was frozen. You may get to see in the pic which I attach. Then after travelling some distance we visited jaswant singh garh our national hero who fought against the china army and hold his position. After that we started our journey toward tawang and reached there by 6:30pm. The road conditions are not so good. So it might take time to cover this distance. We stayed in Hotel Gakyi Khang Zhang which at heater and all basic amenities. The staff is good. But the problem here we can face is the power cuts which often happens no fix time. And water problems due to freezing of pipes. Places to visit in Tawang are the famous Tawang monastery, craft center, war memorial, birth place of dalai lama, tawang old market for shopping. And light show in war memorial which starts at 5:30. Also visit the jung fall (waterfall) and a hydro power station.

Important note : do buy the things which you like at this place because as we go further we may not see the same things anywhere. Places to buy are military canteen at memorial and old market. (showpiece and clothes).
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  • 2 votes

Barga deori

  • Scout
  • Barga deori
  • Lives in Tezpur
  • 1 Review
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  •  1333 readers

"A magical creation of god, Tawang"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jan 4, 2016
It was a great trip overall and would like to visit the hidden paradise again. The ideal time to visit Tawang is generally in the months of October, November, January, February and March. Tawang faces extreme weather conditions in December and hence, is not recommended. It is also not recommended to tourist during monsoon as rainfall causes road blockage and landslides.
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  • 3 votes

Arindam Chakraborty

  • Explorer
  • Arindam Chakraborty
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 4 photos
  • 14 Reviews
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  •  4018 readers

"Tawang a town for beauty & uniqueness"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Jan 3, 2016
Tawang is almost 600 km from Guwahati and you should take two days in between to reach here. We have taken 1st night halt at Tezpur & next night halt at dirang. It will help in acclimation with the height. On the way to Tawang you will cross Sela pass at 13200 ft and then again descend to Tawang at 10000 ft. The best time to visit is in Sept- Nov or Apr- May but you can also visit in Dec or early Jan if you want to experience crystal clear sky with snow. In late Jan - Mar it is not recommended because of chance of heavy snow fall you will not be able to visit many places. From June- Aug also it is not recommended for heavy rainfall. The roads has lots of turns, hairpin bends and steep ascending. The roads are very bad in most of the places but you can forget the pain by enjoying the beauty of the surrounding. The Inner line permit is required and it can be arranged easily from Kolkata, Guwahati or Tezpur. You will need another permit to visit Bumla Pass at 15700 ft the Indo China border. The same had to be arranged from Tawang only. The driver of the car helps in getting the same. The cost of obtaining the same along with the form fee is Rs 70. But if you don't want to go into the trouble of going twice to DM office & twice to military office you can ask the driver or the hotel to make it and they will do the same for Rs 500. Also one thing to note that if you have hired car from Assam and it does not have Arunachal Permit then it will not be allowed to visit Bumla pass and you need to hire local car separately whereas your hired car for the trip will sit idle. The trip to Bumla pass is a memorable one for the beauty on its way and also for the adventure on the road. Its around 40 km from Tawang but after 10 km from Tawang the road ends and you will travel through rocky, bumpy and sometimes icy ways through mountain. On the same trip will get to see Madhuri Lake & Ptso lake. On tawang you will also get to see 500 yrs old Tawang Monastry and Anu Gumpha by travelling on ropeway. I would suggest you to try out some local dishes. There foods are mainly boiled items so the tastes are flat. But still you can try local chicken boil or chicken with churpi (churpi-yak cheese). The dishes has some distinct tastes for their ingredients so its a must try.
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  • 7 votes

Ayan Bhadury

  • Scout
  • Ayan Bhadury
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 9 photos
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  •  2187 readers

"Tawang, a breath taking place"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Dec 12, 2015
Situated at 10k ft. Roads are moderate but jerking was there very much.. Not so dangerous. Food is more or less OK. Go for Orange restaurant they provide decent and hygienic food. First thing to do get your Bumla permit because it takes one whole day. I stayed at Dalma group of hotels their accommodation are good. Don't miss the Jang falls on the way. And those who are think they will have a breathing problem there is nothing to worry about. Just stay calm don't try to run, walk slowly and for aged person you can have Coca 6 a good medicine and take camphor along with you in case u feel nausea inhale it. People of any age can go there is nothing to fear..
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  • 1 vote

Suresh Babu

  • Explorer
  • Suresh Babu
  • Lives in Tiruchirappalli
  • 8 photos
  • 6 Reviews
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  •  5449 readers

"Switzerland of India!"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Nov 7, 2015
Myself and My wife had a two day stay plus one day travel in Tawang at Circuit House, Visited War Memorial, Tawang Monastry, Birthplace of 17th Lama, Bumla Pass etc.. And en route had a memorable time at Sela Pass (13700 Sq. Ft above sea level), Visited Jaswant Garh Memorial, had full of snow in the month of April, 2015. We trekked from Tezpur in Assam and stopped at Bomdila and had a day stay there and from there came by a Gypsy to Tawang. We had lifetime moments like group photo with Tibetan Girls, Dancing with them, Photo with a young Lama in Upper Gompa in Bomdila, Photo with Tibetan Musicians with their music instruments etc.. What to say!!! The landscape of Tawang is close to resemblance with Heaven. A must visit place.
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  • 2 votes

Reeturaj Yogi

  • Scout
  • Reeturaj Yogi
  • 2 Reviews
  •  1308 readers

"Tawang is a destination that is not for the faint hearted"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Oct 14, 2015
Tawang is a destination that is not for the faint hearted. Bad roads but at the end you'll be rewarded by one of the most scenic and tranquil environments. From the plains of Tezpur in Assam to 13700 ft Sela Pass in a matter of 6 hours. Buddhist monasteries, high altitude lakes et al. It's a journey of a lifetime.
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Debayan Bhowmik

  • Guru
  • Debayan Bhowmik
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 160 Reviews
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  •  189055 readers

"The queen of Arunachal Pradesh with ecstatic scenic beauty"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Aug 4, 2015
One of the lesser known but surely one of the loveliest hill station. Every penny spent in reaching here is justified. The tawang monastery, the war memorial, bumla are a must visit among others. Local delicacies are nothing special but hot thukpa and momos are very very tasty indeed. The local garment shops sell variety of items but at a comparative high price. Local sight seeing will engross your stay here.
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  • 6 votes

Bhoobalan T

  • Scout
  • Bhoobalan T
  • Lives in Chennai
  • 1 Review
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  •  4495 readers

"A heaven named Tawang"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Jul 25, 2015
Went to tawang as part of bharat darshan for Indian revenue service. Reached Tezpur from Kolkata via Air India flight and proceeded through road. Was able to see a different world altogether. The snow covered valleys, the skyrise mountains, the monasteries, the receiving nature and culture of people is a class apart.
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  • 4 votes

Rahul Agarwal

  • Expert
  • Rahul Agarwal
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 1 photo
  • 34 Reviews
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  •  9154 readers

"A hidden paradise"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jun 8, 2015
I visited the beautiful valley in winters. This place is actually a hidden paradise. Picture perfect, beautiful & the nature has bestowed this place something exceptional. And above all Indian Army & BRO is always there for any kind of help. Places like Tawang Monastery & PTSO lake are must visit among others.
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  • 3 votes

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