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The city of eternal romance

Tezpur is a historic city, situated on the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra river. Historically tezpur has been the center of art & culture of Assam. It is considered to be the cleanest city in Assam.

The main attractions in this lace include the Mahabhairab temple, Cole Park, Agnigarh park etc. Many prefer to hang out by the river side in the evening also - at Ganesh ghat. Also the riverside temple of Maa Bhairavi or locally known as 'Maithan' is also good destination to hang-out.

Tezpur also has some 12th century architectural ruins, which are historically important.

The main market is called the 'Chowk Bazar'. There are number of eateries at the main market area like Veggie foo, spring valley, delight bakery where you can refresh yourself. But if you want cheap & tasty food, head towards the local carts serving various foods in front of Kamrupia Namghar.

Whether it is summer or monsoon or winter, the weather is always favorable in this city.

Brahmaputra beach festival is also major festival for tourists which is held every year during January.

While in the city, interact with people, locals are generally good to ask for anything.

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Bhaskar jit Borua

Bhaskar jit Borua5.0/5

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City of history & romance

Nice cool beautiful city to visit in middle Assam. Its the heart of Assam. Near brahmaputra this place have places like agnigarh, chitralekha park, ganesh & jahaz ghat, mahabhairab temple, bhairabi temple. Several park & monuments to visit. Transport facility is very good.

I am heading to Tezpur

Tezpur Overview

Tezpur is located in Sonitpur district in the state of Assam. Apart from being an administrative and educational centre of Assam, it is recognised as an ancient city and a major base for the Indian Army and Air force. The city is also known as the main commercial hub of Assam. Tezpur has great contributions in art, culture and literature, in the history of Assam. Every year the city is visited for its tourist places and holy temples.

The name of the place originated from the Sanskrit words 'Teza' that means blood and 'Pura' that means town or city. According to legend, the original name of the city was Sonitpur. Modern day Tezpur was established by the British colonial administration in 1835, which used to be the headquarters of Darrang district.

Tezpur is located at a distance of around 191 kilometres from Guwahati and at the north bank of the River Brahmaputra. Tezpur is one of the top tourist destinations in Assam. Some of the major tourist spots of Tezpur are Agnigarh, Mahabhairab Temple, Ketakeshwar Dewal, Bamuni Hills, etc.

Agnigarh is a circular stairway that reaches the hilltop, which is mostly visited for activities like trekking, picnic and viewing the surrounding scenery. Bamuni Hills, located at the east of Tezpur city, are the remnants of Bamuni Hill and known for artistic design. The structural remains here belong to the 9th and 10th century, representing the Gupta period art.

Mahabhairab Temple, located in the northern part of Tezpur over a small hilltop, is considered as a significant landmark of the city. The temple was built between the 8th and 10th centuries AD, at the time of the Salasthamba dynasty. The original temple was made of stone and was continuously restored by successive dynasties.

Ketakeshwar Dewal, located in the northeast zone, is recognised as an important and sacred shrine of Hindus. The temple, an important pilgrimage centre in the state, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and enshrines one of the biggest Shiva lingams.

Apart from these two famous temples, there is another temple named Nag Sankar, which is dedicated to Shiva and is famous for the Shivaratri festival. Besides, there are other tourist attractions like Cole Park, Hazara Pukhuri and Padum Pukhuri.

Tezpur is well connected by airways and has its own airport, which is connected with Guwahati and Kolkata. Taxis or cabs are available from the airport to the city centre and other parts. The city has a railway station, which is connected with Guwahati railway station. The best time to visit the city is between the months of October to May.